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Which bottle is good for baby feeding, a stainless steel bottle or a glass bottle?

Parenthood comes with a constant search for things that favors the child’s happiness and well-being. Every parent wants the best for their child, even before they are born. Although, sometimes conscious decision-making may not result in the best purchases, and baby feeding bottle is one of them.

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It has become normal to pick up plastic feeding bottles for infants and toddlers. But does a plastic bottle (even if it is BPA-free) do any good for your little ones’ health? The answer is a big NO. 

No matter how good the quality, plastic feeding bottles can harm the baby’s health. They leach harmful chemicals and microplastic into the content that go straight to ruin the baby’s immune system.

So what are the other options?

Stainless steel feeding bottle and a glass feeding water bottle.

Confused, which one to pick? No worries, this article will explain which bottle is good for baby feeding.

Stainless Steel Feeding Bottles

As people came to know that the best stainless steel water bottle for kids exits, the popularity of these bottles surged. The bottles have become a sensation, giving rise to the number of stainless steel water bottle manufacturers. They offer immense benefits to the health of the little ones.

If you are a health-conscious parent, you must first search for the best stainless steel feeding bottle manufacturer to secure your baby’s health. Here are other reasons to choose stainless steel feeding bottles:

  • The bottles are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel or 18/8 stainless steel. This makes them a hygienic choice than plastic feeding bottles.
  • The material contains no harmful chemicals that can harm your child’s health.
  • The material is free from any substance that can leach into the drink and cause a threat to the child’s health.
  • The bottles are sturdy, do not break easily, and lasts longer than plastic and glass bottles.
  • The bottles are temperature retainers. You can store a drink for long hours without losing its freshness or temperature to the outside environment.
  • They are environment-friendly. Unlike flimsy plastic bottles, they will not litter the earth’s surface for thousands of years.
  • The bottles are recyclable and can be reused an unlimited number of times after washing.

When comparing stainless steel and plastic feeding bottles, there is an obvious winner. Parents have already begun to purchase steel bottles. This has given a sharp rise in the number of feeding bottle manufacturers. The bottle safeguards the health of your little ones and the environment they have to live in. They are a perfect choice for your child and their better future.

Glass Feeding Bottles

Glass feeding bottles have also grown in popularity as parents have become more concerned about the chemicals in plastic bottles. Earlier, glass bottles were rare to find in the market, and they were expensive. But at present, they are available in multiple stores in different price ranges, making the use of plastic bottles plummet.

Here’s why you can go for a glass feeding bottle for your little one:

  • Glass bottles contain no chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about the chemicals leaching into the baby’s drink and harming their health.
  • The bottles are so much easier to clean than their counterparts. They are also less likely to develop scratches or retain odors and taste. Also, they are transparent, allowing you to see if there is any residue left for cleaning.
  • The glass bottles can withstand high heat without any melting. Therefore, you can boil them for sterilization and make them hygienic for the next use. 
  • The bottles do not retain the taste and smell of the content poured into them. So, every time you pour a new drink, you can assure that the baby gets an authentic taste.
  • The bottles are generally compatible with breast pumps; therefore, you don’t have to invest in separate bottles that fit your breast pump.
  • The bottles are more durable than plastic bottles, given that they do not break. They require proper maintenance and can serve multiple kids without any problem.

Cons Of Glass Feeding Bottles

  • Glass feeding bottles are more expensive than stainless steel and plastic water bottles. Although plastic should never be an option for a baby feeding bottle, so one can go for stainless steel if they are looking for a budget-friendly, health-friendly, and environment-friendly option. 
  • Glass bottles are not readily available in the market. One may find it tough to find a glass feeding bottle at the local market or Walmart. You may browse the internet for the bottle that grabs your attention and look worth purchasing.
  • When it comes to options, you may not find them in glass baby bottles. There will be limited styles to choose from. So, you may have to settle for a bottle that is not as stylish as a stainless steel one can be.
  • Glass bottles are comparatively heavier than steel ones. This will make it hard for your little munchkin to hold. Plus, they will add extra weight to the diaper bag.
  • Glass bottles are sturdy but may break when they hit a hardwood or concrete floor. Although the chances of glass baby bottles are relatively low (because of the silicone sleeve), they are still not as strong as the steel ones. Once it breaks, the glass will be scattered, and the chances of cuts or injuries may occur. 


There are multiple choices when it comes to baby feeding bottles, making it important to choose the right one for your baby’s good health.

Currently, stainless steel and glass feeding bottles are on-trend. Both have their pros and cons, so parents have to research well to make a fine decision. 

Having said all that, which bottle would you choose? Glass, plastic, or Stainless steel? Cheap options or a healthy & hygienic product? If it is the latter, you can go with purchasing a Steel Water Bottle from the best stainless steel water bottle manufacturers

We hope that the article has provided you with enough information on which bottle is good for baby feeding. If you still have questions, do let us know in the comments.