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Video Marketing

Video Marketing

A stunning corporate video requires talent, effort, and resources. The process of creating a film, whether in-house or with an outside team, can be costly and time-consuming. The main issue is that after all of the labor, sweat, and tears that go into creating a fantastic end product, a critical component of the process is often overlooked…the advertising plan.

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You’ve mastered the art of advertising blog material, but marketing video content is a different beast. But, we know that video material is quite popular with audiences. Including a video on your landing page may boost conversions by up to 70%! So the time is worthwhile, but you must devote time to directing people to locate, play, and watch your video.

I’ve included 5 video marketing techniques below to help you increase your video views so you know your efforts in creating a wonderful product were not in vain.

1: Add a Smile to Your Video Thumbnail

The video thumbnail is by far the most critical factor in determining whether or not a visitor will watch your video. Because we do judge books by their covers, you should dress your movie for the occasion by providing a fascinating, play-worthy thumbnail picture.

Using a picture of a happy individual and establishing direct eye contact is the best approach to ensure viewers watch your video. Why? People form bonds with one another. Would you rather read a book full of dull text?

2. Launch a Facebook or Twitter video campaign.

What better method to get people to watch your film than to give it out for free? The greatest place to accomplish this is on social media, where people are more likely to share and spread the news about your giveaway, resulting in more people visiting your landing page and ultimately watching your video.

3. Include Share Buttons in Your Video Player

We’re all well aware of how powerful social media can be. In fact, you most likely begin and conclude your day on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. It’s unfortunate, but it’s real, which is why you should make sure your film can be readily shared on these sites.

The majority of WordStream’s marketing films are hosted on the Wistia video player. One nice feature of the new Wistia player is that you can add share buttons immediately within the video itself, allowing viewers to share a link to the video (which leads back to your website) without leaving the player.

4. Ask People to Share Your Video Embarrassingly

I understand that just asking others to share your video may sound apparent, but if you put yourself out there, your friends will share your material and help you spread the word. So, ask your friends, coworkers, old coworkers, industry contacts, brothers-in-law, nephews and nieces. Of course, asking connections who are likely to be directly related to your target market is a good place to start, but you never know who knows who, and a share may go a long way, so don’t limit who you ask.

5. Spend some money promoting your video on social media.

Many of the recommendations thus far have been budget-friendly (for additional budget-friendly video help, see this post on how to make at-home DIY marketing films), but now it’s time to dig into your backpack for quarters and put some money behind your video marketing approach.

Promoting your video on sites like Facebook and Twitter will not cost you an arm and a leg, and if you pay attention to the audience and campaign parameters, you can run a highly effective promotional campaign and lead the proper people to your content, delivering a pleasant ROI. To get started with your first Facebook video ad campaign, see this tutorial.