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What else does Credit Karma offer?

What else does Credit Karma offer?

What else does Credit Karma offer?

Getting a free credit report with Credit Karma is the easiest thing in the world. But one of the things we like most about the platform is that it offers other useful services for people, such as:

  • A graph that shows the evolution of your credit score over time.
  • How your score compares to other users by age range, income, and country status.
  • Access weekly credit score updates to check at a glance frequently.
  • Tools that let you simulate how to pay off your debt or whether applying for a new loan or credit card will change your score.
  • A credit report card that shows how certain factors, such as payment history and debt utilization rate, affect the score.

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In short, how to get a free credit report on Credit Karma

While a free credit report can be accessed annually, Credit Karma offers users the opportunity to do so more than once a year

The tool is completely free and does not ask for credit card numbers or registration to access a trial of the premium program. 

To offset the cost of reporting, Credit Karma will only do one thing: show you personalized ads for financial services provided by trusted, robust companies.

Perhaps the best thing about using Credit Karma to check credit scores is the tools it has to assess the financial health of users. 

Through the platform, you can see graphs, and the evolution of the score and even do simulations before obtaining a new card or loan to predict what impact this will have on the score. 

Without a doubt, it is a good alternative to strengthen the financial health of anyone.

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