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How to Start in Google Cloud Computing Career  

How to Start in Google Cloud Computing Career  

At present, Cloud skills are in high demand. If someone wants to pursue a career in Cloud, it is essential that they have a Google Cloud certification as it indicates that the certified person has a proficient knowledge within the cloud industry of various professional roles. Google Cloud certifications are well recognized globally and are some of the highest-paying IT certifications.    

If you are planning a career in Cloud and are unsure of what background you would need or how to start in the Cloud without prior experience.   

Here are a few tips for building your cloud computing skills and learning about Google cloud:   

Get hands-on experience with cloud computing  

Google Cloud training opens a wide path for learning with its comprehensive courses and hands-on labs, which allow you to practice with the Google Cloud console in real. If you take the Professional Data Engineer certification course, you get access to an inclusive learning path comprising four classes and 31 hands-on labs, which will help you become familiar with relevant topics like Machine learning, BigQuery, TensorFlow, OT and more.    

There are nine learning paths that offer you an opportunity to kick start in all significant categories of cloud computing, from cloud security, networking, hybrid cloud infrastructure and database management. Each domain learning path consists of a particular learning path that will assist you in training in a specific manner that suits the job roles, such as Machine Learning Engineer. You can check out the details about google cloud certification courses to find the appropriate path for you.    

Learn live from cloud experts  

A half-day live training event known as Cloud OnBoard Is hosted regularly by Google Cloud, led by experts to get hands-on learning. You can watch the sessions on demand after the event as well.   

Google Cloud Fundamentals is an entry-level course and a perfect one to begin with if you are a developer new to cloud computing. You can easily learn about the basics of Google Cloud in this course. You can practice using the Google Cloud Shell, Google Console and more with guidance from experts through the hands-on labs sessions.   

The course will offer an introduction to the core components of Google cloud learning and an overview of how the tools impact the entire cloud computing landscape, how to create a VM from scratch using the existing templates, Computing Engine, how to connect them and have projects that can talk to each other securely and safely are covered in the curriculum. You will get to learn about various database and storage options available on Google Cloud. Other Cloud Onboard event topics that are part of the certification are data analytics, Kubernetes, Cloud architecture and cloud application development.    

Explore Google Cloud infrastructure  

Cloud Infrastructure is the foundation of the internet. Start with understanding cloud infrastructure to get a clear picture of cloud concepts, as it’s a great way to understand and differentiate various aspects of cloud computing, which will help you figure out what suits you. You will have a better understanding of whether it’s security, networking or application development that you should proceed with.   

With the on-demand infrastructure training in the cloud infrastructure learning path, build your foundational knowledge in Google Cloud. In this learning path, you will be able to acquire practical experience with expert-guided labs that descend into Cloud Storage and other key application services such as Cloud Functions and Cloud’s operation suite.   

You can use Google Cloud infrastructure to prepare for intensive Google cloud certifications and exhibit that you are a cloud expert to employers. Depending on the material in most Google Cloud certifications, you are recommended to have at least six months or years of industry experience.   

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