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How to fix “notifications Silenced” Issue?

How to fix “notifications Silenced” Issue?

It can be very troubling if the notifications on your iPhone are silenced and you are not able to hear any notification as this often causes people to miss out on specific messages that they need to see. The iphone notification silenced issue is not a very rare issue and that is why there are different troubleshooting methods that can be used by people to resolve the issue and use the iPhone without issues. 

Solve all the issues related to ‘Notifications Silenced’ On iPhone

  1. Turn off Do Not Disturb

One of the most common reasons why people are not able to hear the notifications of their iPhones is because of the Do Not Disturb tab. If you have enabled the Do Not disturb setting on your device then, you will face this issue and that is why you need to turn off the Do not Disturb feature. 

  1. Check the Notifications settings

After knowing what does notification silenced means, it is important to know the reason for the same. You need to verify the Notification settings of your device to see whether they are turned on or off. You need to see whether the notification settings of your mobile phone are turned on because if they are not then, you will not be able to hear any notifications on your iPhone. 

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