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9 Cool Additions to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Unique.

9 Cool Additions to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Unique.

 It is hard to find the perfect thing for your kitchen cabinets. Most homes have cabinets built with a “default” layout: a few above, a few below, and space for the dishwasher.

But you could do so much more. When you work with a professional cabinet customization team, you can make your custom kitchen cabinets look elegant when they are closed and amazing when they are opened. Whether you’re making changes to your own home or investing, these upgrades can make any kitchen more useful and attractive.

 Here are 9 cool additions to help make your forevermark cabinets unique:

  1. Use the “dead space”
  2. The Best Ways to Stack Storage
  3. The Perfect Height
  4. Bonus surfaces that fold out and slide out
  5. Appliances That Pop Out
  6. Hidden Cabinets and Compartments
  7. The Cubby for the Perfect Pet Bed
  8. Customize Your Kitchen Drawers
  9. Secret Basement Stairs or Hidden Door

1) Use the “dead space”

One of the silliest things we’ve all seen is forevermark cabinets with “dead space,” which are empty areas that may be covered with a decorative drawer front to hide the fact that they are empty. With custom kitchen cabinetry, you can turn those dead spaces into unique drawers or slide-out cabinets that perfectly use the odd space in a useful and convenient way for you, the chef.

2) The Best Ways to Stack Storage

You might have seen a vertical rollout drawer or an ultimate stacker pantry in a magazine. You might not have. But storage cabinet design has come a long way since building codes were made. Custom cabinets are a great upgrade if you’ve been stacking cans or putting small baskets in your drawers to keep things in order. With sliding, stacking, and rotating technology, every storage space in your kitchen can be improved to hold twice or three times as many small and large items. 

3) The Perfect Height

We have all lived in homes with cabinets that were the wrong height for us, no matter how tall or short we were. Maybe the upper cabinets were too high, or maybe you kept banging your elbows on the doors and drawers of the cabinets. When you customize your kitchen cabinets, you can make them the perfect height. Put the bottom shelf of the upper cabinets within easy reach, and put the second shelf just high enough that you don’t have to stretch.

4) Bonus surfaces that fold out and slide out

You can easily add fold-out and slide-out surfaces to the cabinets in your kitchen if you want to. You can have a folding counter like a cafe or cutting boards that move on tracks under the counter and island. Have all the space you need if you need a little more room or a few more cooks in the kitchen. 

5) Appliances That Pop Out

You can have a pop-out compartment for your smoothie blender, an elegant wine fridge, or a neat-looking special cabinet to hold your coffee machine with little cubbies or custom drawers for all your favorite coffee. So, you can build a space for your most-used appliances into your cabinets, so they look great and don’t take up valuable counter space. You can even build doors and drawers to put your appliances away completely without moving or lifting them.

6) Hidden Cabinets and Compartments

One of the nicest ways to set up your kitchen is, of course, to have neat compartments that are also hidden. It’s always fun to surprise a guest by pulling tools or treats out of a spot. So, looks like it’s made of wood or by opening a forevermark cabinets door and finding something completely different. There are many smart ways to make your cabinets full of surprises.

7) The Cubby for the Perfect Pet Bed

If your pet is welcome in the kitchen, you can use some of the space in your lower cabinets. So, you don’t use for large pans to make your pet happy and comfortable. Under the kitchen island, some people have put a pet door and a bed for their pets. Some people sneak a cat path through the bottom of their cabinets or even along the top ledge. You can also ensure that your favorite furry friend always has a quiet place to hang out and wait for scraps.

8) Customize Your Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers are often the messiest parts of a kitchen because things rattle around unless you buy baskets and put them in order. With custom kitchen forevermark cabinets, you can set up each drawer to hold things in the best way possible. 

9) Secret Basement Stairs or Hidden Door

Did you know that you can build a secret entrance to your basement into your kitchen cabinets for a fun twist at the end? You can hide the stairs down to the basement under the island if you have an island. Or similarly, you can completely hide a door in your kitchen and even use it for storage. 


Kitchen forevermark cabinetry can be boring, but adding some unique and fun additions can change the look. If you have a lot of different-sized pots and pans, customized shelving is a great way to organize them all. You can also get creative and add dividers to the shelves to create more organized spaces. A copper countertop or backsplash can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any kitchen.