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Quick fixes for QuickBooks error 3371

Quick fixes for QuickBooks error 3371

Owning a business and making sure it is run with all records and in a properly organized form is easier said than done. Whether your business is on a small scale or higher than small industries, maintaining records and information is a herculean task. QuickBooks has been a savior to such issues. If you work in accounting or have your own business, you are probably well aware of and even equipped with this particular application. This application helps you manage your business by offering the organization or user multiple payroll services. All said and done, this software is near perfect but not 100% perfect. Hence, there are times when QB application faces errors. In this article we will be discussing one such issue. QuickBooks error 3371, is the main topic for this article. 

What is QuickBooks error 3371?

 When you first start QB application, there is a possibility that error code 3371 will occur. Restarting the device is another reason why this error might manifest. Usually the screen says  , “QuickBooks failed to load information regarding licensing and license does not verify the output.” When you encounter the annoying 3371 error in QB. The error code 3371 is a license error in the QuickBooks software. It can seem a tough nut to crack, but this blog post will walk you through it. We have prepared a tool book for youtube troubleshoot this error. You will start with understanding the error, its causes and signs. In the other part of the article we will try to fix this error. 

What causes QB error 3371 to occur?

Below are some other possible causes of QuickBooks error 3371, such as problems with other parts of your QuickBooks program or operating system:

  • One of the major causes of this error is that your liscensing data has not been loaded and that has lead to damaging factor. This often leads to missing or corrupted files as a result. 
  • Every time you launch QuickBooks, it tries to read the QBregistration.dat file and corrupts it. 
  • Another cause is that windows operating system component MSXML, might be corrupted. It is related to QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • Antivirus programs often prevent QB software from synchronizing with important Windows components that the software needs to function. This usually happens because of certain protections of firewall. 
  • Incomplete updates of Windows can be another reason of error 3371 as your system’s components are out of date and unable to meet QuickBooks’ requirements.
  • Also, outdated windows can cause further problems with your QuickBooks Desktop.

Symptoms of QB error code 3371.

This section of the article talks about the various symptoms that QuickBooks issue 3371 may present in your computer software and other hardware. Being aware of these symptoms will hep you recognize the error sooner. 

  • QuickBooks tools suddenly stop working resulting in your work getting delayed. 
  • Even with the latest version, Windows may crash.
  • QB shuts down and reopens on its own.
  • Startup screen stops responding to user requests when it freezes. This can also happen with your devices. 

Getting rid of error 3371 by simple troubleshooting methods 

You are now aware of the causes and signs of QB error 3371. This section of the article will be less theoretical than the one above. We can now try and resolve the error by putting the mentioned troubleshooting methods to use. 

  • Method 1: Erasing ECML file and changing the name of entitlement file 

When this particular error occurs an ambiguous HTML file is requested immediately. This file is asked for when the user fails to open organization file which is one of the primary reason for 3371 error to occur. 

  • Hold down the Windows key and the R key to open the file. 
  • Run” window will appear.
  • Type C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 there by typing it or copying it from another window.
  • Time to open internet explorer
  • This can be done by entering ‘ok’
  • Look for ECML file. 
  • Erase this particular file. 
  • Once this is done, ensure that QB 3371 is gone by restarting your device. 
  • Method 2: Window update needs to be installed 

Following the aforementioned procedures should solve the error 3371, but if it persists, you should follow the simple instructions below.

  • Begin installing the latest updates for windows. After that go to start
  • Go for ‘all programs’ and then update your windows. 
  • In order to check for the most recent updates, select the option to click to update. You can do this by selecting update option. 
  • Once this procedure is done, reinstall the software to ensure error code 3371is gone. 
  • Method 3: Putting QB tool hub to use 
  • Begin with shutting down QB software. 
  • Installing tool hub and installing it on the device is go-to for next step. 
  • Now select the fourth option which is for issues in the program
  • You will be shown lists of choices now. Here select Quick fix my program
  • Continue with okay.
  • Open QuickBooks and the associated file now.
  • This procedure should sort out all issues related to the licensing, validation, and registration

QB tool hub is a very resourceful and effective method of resolving such errors. In case, this does not help you in your troubles with error code 3371, move on and try the other troubleshooting methods. 

  • Method 4: Run the QB diagnostic tool.
  • Start by opening the tool hub
  • Go for QB installation tool
  • You can find it under the menu of installation problems
  • Run the tool and breathe! Let it do its work. 
  • Once the procedure is completed, restart your computer to ensure that error 3371 is long gone. 
  • Method 5: Try fresh installation of the software 

If the aforementioned troubleshooting methods have been a half success or no show at all for getting rid of error code 3371, this should help you resolve the error. 

You can find QB clean installation tool in QB tool hub (Method 3). This tool will get rid of the files that are not deleted by just uninstallating the software. 

Remember that QB clean tool will not be helpful for the 2022 version as there the files are manually renamed. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Where is the qbregistration.dat file located?

Change to the QuickBooks folder where the qbregistration.dat file is located. Show hidden files and folders if you cannot see the selected folders.

  1. How can I get rid of error code 3371 in QB?

Sme of the quick fixes to resolving QB error 3371 are basic methods like taking help of tool hub, updating the software, making sure you are using the correct version of QuickBooks. Close all application, install the software again. 

  1. Where to find my license number?

Finding your license number is not a tough task. Select the “Company” tab. Now, select the “My Company” option from the current drop-down menu. You can find your license number and product key under “Manage your account”, especially on the right side.


We hope that you have been able to get rid of QuickBooks error 3371 by the help of this article. If you are still troubled by this particular error, or even any other error in QuickBooks contact us at Accounting-assist24.