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Kid-friendly Business | Small Business Ideas

Entrepreneurship is not just for adults. In reality, encouraging your children to start their own businesses has many benefits for them because it teaches them valuable life lessons like responsibility, decision-making, persistence, organisation, and much more.

Traditionally, we consider tried-and-true possibilities like lemonade stands or lawn mowing when considering business operations for children. Although both of these are great possibilities, there are lots of others that most people wouldn’t consider. The four business concepts listed below are entertaining for kids and can aid in their development as creative thinkers.

Podcaster: Allowing your children to produce their own podcast would teach them valuable life skills and is both free and simple. They would be compelled to use their imagination to generate ideas for subjects that their friends and family would find interesting. They would interact with everyone they invite to the presentation, which would teach kids important communication skills. Additionally, students would have to advertise their show among their friends and relatives, which would teach them some marketing fundamentals. Although it is unlikely that this would generate any revenue, it will impart priceless life lessons.


Music is one of the best ways to foster a child’s creativity. Additionally, letting your children perform at family reunions or friends’ birthday parties will teach them how to maintain organisation and offer them experience in planning. As they would have to overcome their stage fear, it would also offer them charm and general courage.

Party planner

Organizing a family event with your kids is the best method to instil organisational skills in them. Naturally, you should assist them, but also encourage your child to use their imagination, plan the event’s specifics, and interact with others.

Illustrator: Using a tablet or laptop to draw just about anything is now simpler than ever thanks to advances in graphic design software. Furthermore, many of these graphic design programmes are rather simple for kids to learn at least the fundamentals of. Try letting your kids experiment with these programmes and observe what they can come up with. For creating something for a family function or something similar, you could even give them a small stipend. Your child will learn some basic marketing principles as well as creativity from this.

Organize a lemonade stand

A lemonade stand is a time-tested concept for a youth summer enterprise. A chilled beverage is not a bad idea given the oppressive heat. To get started, you don’t need to construct a sophisticated lemonade stand or invest in automatic juicers. To establish a lemonade stand, you only need a basic table and a hand juicer. Children may easily learn how to launch and run their own business by making and selling lemonade and other types of juice. Set up a booth, assist your children in making the lemonade, then let them pour it into the cups and handle the money.

The sale of baked goods

Selling baked products like cookies, brownies, and even cupcakes is a common kid-run company that can generate income. Create homemade cookie dough, then bake them all together. Have a little baked goods stand on your floor or merely in the lobby of your DMCI Homes condominium, or have your child sell the baked goods door to door. To avoid bothering other residents, make sure to obtain the required authorization from the admin if you intend to set up a modest stall in the lobby of your condo.

Create DIY jewellery

Making accessories like bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and even earrings is a fantastic way for kids to launch their own business. Children often invent unusual accessories that adults find sweet and adorable, which makes them quite marketable. Children have boundless imaginations. Making and selling DIY items is one of the most well-liked summer business ventures for kids because of this. It not only instils the idea of entrepreneurship but also demonstrates the value of creativity and imagination in business.

Offer original art

Having your child sell their unique works is another small business idea that makes use of their talent. Allow children to enjoy themselves with colour and let them do the drawing, painting, and colouring. Kids frequently create adorable paintings that are simple to sell, making it one of the profitable ventures for young people. The future? Your child’s future artistic career could begin with this.

Set up a garage sale

Holding a garage sale of all their old toys or even your old home things is a simple kid-friendly business idea. Selling unwanted books, clothes, and toys will help you tidy your home. It is a good idea to include children in your garage sale and let them sell their own items so that they can learn about the need to let go of possessions that they no longer need.

Showcase puppets

Children like puppet performances, which can be performed by a single child performer or even by a large troupe of young actors. These programmes represent one of the most fruitful summertime family entertainment business concepts. Allow them to stage their preferred children’s book or movie, and only assist them in setting up the stage’s backdrop and other props. Invite all of your friends and neighbours over when you’re ready for a show.

Offer sweets and chocolates

Candy and chocolates are items that can sell quickly, especially if a cute child is offering them. To educate your kids some baking and cooking techniques, you may either buy your sweets or, even better, prepare them together. Your child can assist in decorating your confections if you decide to make your own sweets or chocolates. You may readily discover recipes for hard candies and even chocolate truffles if you want to make these sweets from scratch.

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