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Eyeliner Tape Can Help You Achieve Your Sharpest Wings Yet—Here’s How to Use it

Have you at any point wound up looking on Instagram and TikTok just to think about how in the world these magnificence powerhouses can accomplish such sharp winged eyeliner? The response isn’t just in the item they use, yet the way that they apply it, as well.

Indeed, certain individuals just mystically have a really consistent touch, which makes portraying on straight, sharp lines almost natural. For every other person, however, it comes down to utilizing the right devices and methods. However supportive as it seems to be to constantly keep micellar water and a little calculated brush or q-tips close by for final details, a significantly more straightforward method for culminating winged eyeliner is to apply it with accuracy all along. That is where tape comes in. Numerous online entertainment stars promote tape as the solution to their immaculate lined cover looks.

We contacted star cosmetics craftsman Keri Blair for master tips on applying eyeliner utilizing tape; additionally, we asked board-confirmed dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD, to offer experiences on what utilizing eyeliner tape could mean for your skin.

Prepared to shake your most keen wingtips yet? Then continue to peruse.


Keri Blair is a senior public craftsman for MAC Cosmetics.
Dendy Engelman, MD, is a board-confirmed dermatologist situated in New York City.

Who Should Avoid Using Eyeliner Tape?

With regards to involving tape for idealizing your winged eyeliner, it’s less about who shouldn’t utilize it and more about why you should tread carefully prior to integrating it into your cosmetics schedule.

“While utilizing tape might be a compelling method for accomplishing a completely straight eye cosmetics line, it isn’t great for your skin,” says Engelman, taking note of that the skin around your eyes is especially slight and fragile, so consistently applying and stripping off tape in that space isn’t prudent. “Tape pulls on the skin when you eliminate it, which after some time can prompt free skin and, surprisingly, long-lasting lines and kinks. At the point when you eliminate the tape, you additionally risk harming or pulling off the highest layers of the skin, which can cause redness, disturbance, or even, in more terrible cases, staining of the harmed region.”

Past possible untimely maturing impacts, Engelman brings up that a few people could likewise have aversions to the cement utilized in tape. “Individuals with delicate skin or as of now compromised skin hindrances might be more vulnerable,” she adds.

While Engelman doesn’t suggest adding Scotch Tape (or comparative cement strips) into your daily practice, that’s what she says assuming you’re dead set on attempting the tape eyeliner hack for yourself, clinical grade silicone functions admirably. “SiO Patches ($34) are a phenomenal choice to tape,” she shares. (However, one thing to note: SiO patches aren’t straight similar to tape, so they might require a managing to accomplish extra-sharp lines.)

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Instructions to Get Perfect Eyeliner Using Tape

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Begin With a Bare Face
In spite of the fact that you might be acquainted with finishing your skincare routine prior to putting on your cosmetics, Blair says you need to change everything around to accomplish your most keen cover look. “The [tape eyeliner] method works best when you start your cosmetics application with your eyes, implying that you would apply your cream and concealer and additionally establishment after you apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner,” she shares. “This is on the grounds that the tape can without much of a stretch eliminate your establishment or may not stick too assuming that your skin has overabundance item or cream on it.”

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Map Out Your Look
Do you maintain that your eyeliner should be the star of your top look, or do you anticipate matching a sharp wing with your #1 eyeshadow? Your application cycle will rely upon your response. “Assuming that you need winged eyeliner over top of eyeshadow, apply your shadow first,” says Blair. “You can begin this with a little piece of tape put from the base lash line towards the tail of the eyebrow first — this will give you an aide on the most proficient method to put your tape for the eyeliner later.”
With regards to choosing your tape, a few sorts could make the interaction more straightforward than others. “Any kind of tape ought to work — Scotch or straightforward tape might be ideal so you can see through it,” says Blair. “Recollect that tape can be exceptionally tacky and can pull and pull on the eye region so it means quite a bit to put the tape on the rear of your hand first to eliminate a portion of the shabbiness of the tape. On the off chance that you have touchy skin, take a stab at utilizing a clinical grade tape which can be found in the medical aid segment of your #1 pharmacy.”

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Apply Your Tape
At the point when now is the right time to apply your eyeliner, begin by getting your tape. “Place the tape at the point you need. A somewhat up position will give your eye a lift,” she says. “The higher the point the more emphatically lifted your eyeliner will be.”

While applying your tape, don’t extend it — or your skin — by any means; just tenderly tap it onto your resting tops. “Try not to pull or pull on the eye region while you’re applying the tape as an aide. This might make a lock in the tape making your wing be wavy or distorted,” Blair cautions.

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Apply Your Eyeliner
Macintosh BlackTrack Fluidline Eyeliner

At the point when you have a tape stencil set up, you have greater adaptability with the eyeliner recipe you use. “Utilizing a cream, gel, or fluid eyeliner and a little, calculated brush, define your boundary from the side of the eye out toward the tail of your eyebrow, involving the tape as an aide,” Blair trains. She loves MAC Cosmetics’ Fluidline Eye Liner in BlackTrack Fluidline and #263 Synthetic Small Angle Brush ($21).

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Eliminate the Tape
Macintosh cosmetics craftsman Keri Blair in the wake of eliminating the tape from her cover.
Presto — you have completely fresh winged eyeliner.