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Eukhost or Godaddy? Who is The Best in Hosting Industry?

The rise of the internet has inevitably led to a huge rise in websites which in turn need web hosting leading to a boom in that industry as well. To become successful and reach a wide audience, it is crucial to have an online presence, and a great web hosting service to boot. It helps with brand awareness and ensures accessibility to your website from all around the world.

Choosing a web hosting provider is complex given the sheer number of web hosting services available in the market. Hence, it is vital to conduct diligent research and find one that is compatible with your needs. It is important for your website to make its mark and stand out from its competitors which will only happen if you pick the perfect web hosting provider for you. Otherwise, you’re website will be lost in the millions that exist leading to hampering their performance along with the revenue. Let’s take a look at the top two web hosting services in the UK- eukhost, and GoDaddy.


eukhost was founded in the year 2001 with the aim to offer the best service to its customer’s at the most affordable rates. They have VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated and cloud hosting plans that are devised keeping the needs of a variety of businesses in mind. The entire company is focused on ensuring they implement the most cutting-edge technology that guarantees the best performance, reliability, security, and customer support.

They are an entirely managed operation that offers complete automation. Their ultra-modern technologies set them well above their competitors. Their clientele is full of a wide range of businesses with different requirements. Being set in the UK, they still have data centers worldwide and customers globally as well. They are also known to host domains of more than 150,000.


GoDaddy offers plenty of benefits. It handles a huge number of domains. GoDaddy is one of the best domain registers all around the world, and they rank high in providing web hosting services as well. They cater to a wide variety of businesses and have the ability to handle huge amounts of traffic. Their customer support team is quite competent and they offer great shared and dedicated hosting plans at reasonable rates. While it might not be perfect for those with a limited budget, its features are worth their cost.

Let’s take a look at how these two compare in different aspects.

  1. Beginner packages

If you have a huge business the starter package won’t matter or be applicable to your needs.

  • eukhost

The beginner plan of eukhost starts at £3.99 per month. These include a variety of features including:

  1. 10GB SSD Storage
  2. 10 MySQL Databases
  3. Unmetered Bandwidth
  4. Unlimited Websites
  5. Unlimited Email Addresses
  6. cPanel Control Panel
  7. Spam Filtering
  8. 1 Click App Installer
  9. PHP 8.x +OP Cache
  10. Free Domain (Annual Accounts)
  11. Free Daily Backup
  12. Free Lets Encrypt SSL
  13. 24×7 Technical Support
  • GoDaddy

The starter plan for GoDaddy is known to begin at £6.99 per month that includes these features:

  1. Caching built-in
  2. Malware identification and elimination
  3. Website migration free of cost
  4. Paid website backups offsite
  5. Paid templates 400+ with a website builder

2. The file manager

You can satisfy all of your web hosting needs with their cPanel file manager to satisfy all of your web hosting requirements. There is no need to shell out more money to ensure your database including files and folders is handled properly.

3. Bandwidth

Your server is kept functioning properly with the bandwidth, without which it will lead to crashes. Since eukhost recognizes the importance of bandwidth, you can enjoy unmetered bandwidth at extremely budget-friendly prices.

4. Softaculous

Softculous helps you install more than 400 applications without problem with a single click including WordPress, Drupal, and many more. Since WordPress is the most popular content management that is used worldwide to set up and start a website. Hence, it is better to choose an option that makes it easy to install, which is offered by eukhost.

5. Servers

Eukhost has high-end servers that offer the best performance and speed along with maximum uptime. GoDaddy also offers the best of services but at a higher rate as compared to Eukhost.

6. Customer support

eukhost has a huge customer support team that is available to you day and night all year around. Their technical staff is highly experienced and has a lot of knowledge to help you resolve any problems that you might have quickly to minimize any downtime. You can get into contact with them using email, chat, phone calls, or by raising a ticket.

GoDaddy also offers great customer support that is on par with the one that eukhost provides. They also have a team of proficient professionals who can help you with any problem or question that you might have.

7. Money back guarantee

Once you purchase you can use eukhost’s service and see if it fulfills your needs or is compatible with your system. If you find that it does not work as well as you would have hoped with your requirements, you can get all of your money back within a month of your purchase.

GoDaddy does not offer the same provision. They do not mention any money-back guarantee with any of their plans. They are known to have some dissatisfied customers due to this.

There are several aspects while choosing a web hosting service. If you are basing your decision on the number of users the service caters to, GoDaddy wins that count. However, when it comes to getting features, resources, and services worth your money, eukhost is the better choice by a mile.


Given the cost and various other features including SSD storage and SSL certificates free of cost, among many others, eukhost is clearly better. GoDaddy cannot measure up to eukhost and falls short. Hence, you will definitely fare better with eukhost as compared to GoDaddy. Plus their 30-day money-back guarantee that you won’t regret investing with eukhost.