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Article Writing Ideas – 5 Ways To Squeeze More Creative Juice

Article Writing Ideas – 5 Ways To Squeeze More Creative Juice

One of the best ways to get residual traffic to your website and gain link love is to write articles and submit them to article directories. This is not the 1st time you probably read this which means it is that important! Must check: Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi

For every website, you own, try to write at least 10 articles about the niche you are targeting so that you can lead readers back to your website. It does not hurt to gain some backlinks as well and if you know what you are doing, you should leave a keyword anchored link back to your website.

But getting ideas to write quality original articles can be gruelling indeed especially if you write them every day. It happens to me and I’m sure it happens to anyone as well. What you need is new ideas all the time to conjure a decent article. Here are 5 ways to invoke your writing ghost…

Tip #1 – Read blog Posts

bloggers tend to write great posts on the different topics in your niche and if it has a decent amount of comments, you can read through them to get ideas on what to write about. See what type of questions they have for example in the comments.

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Tip #2 – Go To forums

forums are also a great place to get ideas for your writing. Seek interesting threads and find out what people want to know more about. Again, discussions that tend to have more questions than answers can provide you room to express your ideas.

Tip #3 – Search Online News

This is where most of us usually go-to for our daily fix of news since we are online most of the time and this is where you can get ideas to write your next article. You may want to expand on certain news topics to write as discussions or to express your opinion in your articles.

Tip #4 – Subscribe To Online Newsletters

Depending on the niche you are writing for, you should sign-up for an available newsletter in the same niche. When a periodic newsletter is sent out, this is where you can get the latest updates about the topic and then get some ideas for your next writing gig.

Tip #5 – Read Articles In Article Directories

This is where most article writers fail to do. Reading other articles in the article directories they submit. Just by browsing and reading what other writers write about, you can summon some nice ideas for your next article. Be careful not to copy the articles. Write them in your own words based on what you think about the topic.

There are surely many other ways to gain ideas for your next article. Try to keep your mind open and you will begin to see more ideas to write and if you want you can always bookmark the sites you think are interesting and come back to them later for reference.