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How to assemble a porter cable belt sander?

How to assemble a porter cable belt sander?

Belt sanders are extremely practical tools, and can be used in many circumstances.Whether you need to level a wood assembly, strip a parquet floor , or work on any other surface, this is the device for you. However, belt sanders are subject to regular attack and must therefore be maintained with care. Today we tell you how to do it correctly. If you are looking for porter cable belt sander Lumbuy offer you high quality sander with manuals that helps you a lot.

Safety measures for maintaining a belt sander

Before throwing yourself body and soul into the maintenance of your belt sander , it is important to remember some simple safety rules, but which can limit the risk of injury.

  • Always check the condition of your tool’s power cord before turning it on.
  • Remember to unplug your tool, or remove its battery, before carrying out any maintenance.
  • If you notice that your tool is damaged, do not attempt to repair it yourself, have it repaired by a professional.
  • If you have any doubts about how you should maintain or use your tool, refer to the instructions.

How to replace a sanding belt?

One of the things you will need to do regularly if you have a  belt sander  is to replace the sanding belt . The procedure may vary depending on the device model, but the principle is generally the same. Turn off your sander and unplug it. Then activate the lateral mechanical arm which releases the tension on the band, and therefore removes it. Replace the worn band, then reapply tension to hold it using the mechanism. Check that you have positioned the belt in the direction of rotation of your machine. Arrows are generally written on the strips and the machine to help you find your way

Clean your belt sander

Belt sanders are subject to many attacks. Sawdust, plaster dust, metal particles, all these small residues can pass through the ventilation of your tool, and clog the motor. Without regular maintenance, your machine will eventually break down, most likely due to engine overheating. To avoid this, simply clean your belt sander after each use. The best way to ensure the longevity of your device is to clean it every time with a blower . Also remember to empty the dust bag regularly. Finally, using a vacuum system connected directly to your sander will allow you to limit infiltration into your device.

Storing your belt sander

Many people forget it, but tools that are not used very regularly deteriorate, especially if they are stored in poor conditions. Remember to protect your sander from the dust in your workspace when it is not in use. Be careful to place your sander in a dry place, away from moisture. Finally, it is better to remove the sanding belt before storing your sander.


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