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Gangtok, A Beautiful Hill Station

One of the most magnificent hill stations in the nation is without a doubt Gangtok , a “hilltop.” With the perfect confluence of all factors, from urbanisation to the mixing of ethnic identities. Therefore, Gangtok is a thriving and energetic gem of northern beauty. The third-tallest mountain peak in the world, Mount Kanchenjunga, can be seen from a breathtaking vantage point there. Like everything around it, Gangtok is surrounded by stunning natural scenery and offers a number of outdoor attractions.

M.G. Marg, Gangtok

If you want to explore some of the local sights in Gangtok, you won’t regret visiting M.G. Marg. The town centre of Gangtok, M.G. Marg, is home to a number of amazing restaurants, cafés, and eating businesses. Eating delicious meals at the two most well-known restaurants in Gangtok, 9INE Native Cuisine and Bakers Cafe on MG Marg, is one of the city’s most indulgent activities.

One of 9INE Native Cuisine’s most well-known specialties is Tibetan food. So, among the delights you can enjoy are Momos, the Sikkimese Set Meal with Chicken, Fermented Soybean, Dim Sums, and Mushroom Kachi. With a focus on Asian, Tibetan, and Nepalese food, it is a must-go to restaurant in Gangtok.

At Bakers Cafe, you can enjoy your favourite beverage while seated at a table by the window and admiring the beautiful valley outside the glass window. Popular menu items at this modest Western-style cafe include potent espresso, refreshing lemon iced tea, croissants, baguettes, paninis, pizzas, hot dogs, and pastries.

The Phurchachu Reshi Hot Spring is close to the Kadosangphu cave. It is almost 135 km away from Gangtok. The sulfur-rich, medicinal water that the hot spring spews has therapeutic value. With your friends and family, go to this place and have a party. Without previously checking with the authorities, avoid plunging into the ocean. By all means, have fun.

How to get there: The spring is located adjacent to Reshi, 6 kilometres from Legship, and 20 to 25 kilometres from Gangtok. You can take a cab up to a particular point to get here; after that, you must walk for 15 minutes.