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Best ways to teach students to use technology in the classroom?

Best ways to teach students to use technology in the classroom?

The primary aim of most schools is to get the students engaged in enhancing their skills and abilities. The recent past has seen the significant and seamless integration of advanced technologies. The classroom atmosphere has become more dynamic and encouraging. Schools have introduced several tools that help in creative and student-friendly learning and assist in deep knowledge of various concepts. However, there can be multiple ways in which students can make technology the center of educational enhancements for ultimate success. Furthermore, it is essential to accept and be the change to benefit from educational technologies effectively and make your kids future-ready.

Private international schools are the best examples of integrating advanced technologies and enriching academic ethics. Abu Dhabi international school exceeds the global standards of improvisation in the quality of education imparted to its students. Accepting technology as a way of engaged learning is a transformational transition that leads to excellent results in the development of kids. Here are some innovative technologies that can enhance the journey of learning at every stage.

Use Smart Boards

The use of smart boards makes lessons and concepts more interesting for curious students. The too noisy class suddenly turns attentive with heads turning towards the board to understand the technology better. Powerpoint presentations won’t let them turn disruptive and, on the other hand, will make them more creative in understanding the lessons. It is one of the effective ways to boost student engagement by allowing teachers and students to have complete access to education resources. It improves student-teacher interaction efficiently, helping kids indulge in progressive studies.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the most beneficial platform for connecting to remote students making them more reliable in self-studies. It is free of cost Google service that assists in better management of blended learning for excellent results. A robust teaching and learning tool enhances kids’ relationships with global mentors. The application allows teachers and parents complete access to all the assignments for students saving a lot of time for students.

Play Podcasts

Reading with podcasts builds students’ confidence, making reading more enjoyable. The Abu Dhabi international school takes every initiative to adapt to new technologies like Podcasts, making learning convenient and portable. It is more beneficial for higher secondary school students and is an excellent technique to teach the latest content to students. The technology enables you to choose anything that befits your lessons and concepts like educational and inspirational talks, stories and novels, the latest events, and several other things. Students enhance their reading abilities, making them feel confident, and also help in effective communication.  

Indulge in online activities

Online activities help better time management while students understand various concepts with flexibility and complete access to online resources. This technology enables a student to achieve optimal results and ultimate success. An online activity broadens imaginations and helps students to explore beyond boundaries. Learning is not restricted to traditional classrooms but effectively improves the innovative minds of students. Virtual learning can help kids be self-dependent on the educational journey right from the beginning.

Have a virtual tour

Field trips are always exciting and make a tremendous difference in helping kids learn with an environmental approach. Through various field trips, students learn better when they experience concepts and subjects personally. The global crisis has made virtual field trips possible, allowing students to have an innovative approach to learning.  

Any task at hand is creatively handled with complete access to technologies. It supports the curriculum goals of students, making them engaged in the learning process. The use of technology daily can help children build influential careers. Technology boosts effective learning, ensuring that it is used for the betterment of students.