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5 Best Sportswear Product To Shop Now

Last year was another fantastic year in pro sports. There’s no denying that the elite excitement filtered down to the typical, amateur athlete’s purchasing habits. As evidenced by the 2017 sports products featured here.

Denim Skinny Athletic Jean

Although Athleta has already presented their Sculptek tech to customers through various athletic pieces. The Sculptek Skinny Jean is challenging people to reconsider their perceptions of denim.

Denim, as stylish as it is, is generally dismiss as unsuitable for working out. But that hasn’t prevented designers from producing jeggings. Which combine the aesthetic of denim with the coziness of leggings.

The Sculptek Skinny Jean from Athleta is made entirely of denim. Yet it has 360-degree stretch technology and shape-retaining support. As a result, models wearing the Sculptek Skinny Jean have been spotted. Trekking, jumping, and striking yoga positions that would be impossible in other types of jeans.

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Yoga Exercise Mats

Many people forget or neglect to clean their yoga mats. Therefore the ‘Blank’ Exercise Yoga Mats are is for your gear and keep it clean as possible at all times. The mats are lace with silver, which has antibacterial characteristics that inhibit bacteria and even fungus from growing. This means you won’t have to be concerned about your yoga mat. Becoming a breeding ground for germs once your practice is over.

The ‘Blank’ Exercise Yoga Mats are indeed manufacture in a way. It makes them an environmental friendly option that produces less pollution and waste. The yoga mats are available in two sizes: normal and XL.

Ergonomic Post Workout Apparels

The Outdoor Voices Cool Down Kit is a collection of post-workout garments. It will allow you to keep things casual as you transition from the gym to your next destination. The Runningman Sweats and the Upstate Hoodie are includes in the Outdoor Voices Cool Down Kit. And both are design, to be a comfortable piece of apparel to slip into after your workout. The Medium length Compression fabric used in the garments allows for four-way flexibility and sweat-wicking. Ensuring that you feel secure and fresh no matter what.

The post-exercise garments are place in a recycled cotton tote. It is use as a basic bag to store your workout clothes in when travelling home with the Outdoor Voices Cool Down Kit.

Glass Surfboards

Surfboards haven’t altered much since the switch from wood to resin — in fact. Some current boards still utilise wood — but the Varial Infused Glass from the same-named surf technology business has the potential to shake up the industry. The company’s infused glass technology produces substantially stronger and lighter boards than comparable boards of similar size.

Varial’s surfboards are vacuum-bag all at once, rather than in stages, using this technology. This results in a homogenous laminate with a very low amount of resin utilized in the process, resulting in a lighter board. Reduced resin is also better for the environment because avoiding waste is a must.

UV Protection Activewear

Active people and athletes rely on their clothing to stay comfortable throughout their workout or competition. Therefore the SPIRITUS fitness outfits with added features to maintain wearers happy.

Celliant infrared technology and XT2 silver combine to provide UV protection and lasting odour protection in the high-tech fabric used to produce the clothing. This enables its users to practise without getting a sunburn or feeling like you’re wearing stench-inducing clothing.

The SPIRITUS athletic garments PROFORMANCE collection has design to be accessible. With clothing options for both men and women, to ensure that athletes of all types may enjoy it.

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