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Your account and Apple IDs

Your account and Apple IDs

An Apple IDs allows you to personalize your online experience with Apple. Once you create your Apple ID, you can use it to access all those Apple resources on the Internet that require your identification.

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With your Apple ID, you can access your Apple Store order history through our self-service web page. You can also use your Apple ID for iPhoto and iTunes.

What is an Apple IDs for?

Sign in with your Apple IDs or create one here. If you’ve ever bought from the iTunes Store before, you can use that Apple IDs.

Making an Apple ID permits you to customize your involvement with the Apple Online Store. With an Apple ID you can save things you’re keen on, save a shopping sack in the event that you’re practically prepared to put in a request, utilize Express Checkout, really take a look at the situation with your request, and that’s just the beginning.

But that is not all. Apple ID lets you do even more:

  • Buy music and movies from the iTunes Store
  • Buy or download apps on the App Store
  • Order photos and photo books from iPhoto or Aperture
  • Register your Apple products
  • Get AppleCare support for your products
  • Take advantage of One to One training and other Apple Store services

Don’t wait any longer and log in to Your Orders.

If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID, try your current email address. In the event that that doesn’t work, turn upward your username with iForgot, our Apple ID recuperation apparatus. You can also visit the Apple ID Support page.

If you still can’t sign in, contact Apple Online Store customer service at 900 150 503. For security reasons, Apple can’t give you your Apple ID or password.

How is an Apple ID created?

To create an Apple ID and password, Enter your email address, which will be your Apple ID, and any other required fields.

Can I make purchases on the Internet without an Apple ID?

With our Guest feature, you can shop at the Apple Online Store without an Apple ID or password. Basically add the things you might want to buy to your shopping sack, give your delivery address and installment data, and snap the button to arrange.

You can check the situation with your request and track the shipment online from the Status page of your request. If you want to cancel or add items, or modify your order, call 900 150 503. To request or know the validity of Apple promotions, visit the Current Apple Promotions page.

Can I have more than one Apple ID?

Yes, but it’s not recommended because you won’t be able to see your full order history on both accounts. Remember that Apple IDs cannot be merged.

 I have forgotten my Apple ID password

Follow the instructions on the password recovery web page to receive your password again. Your sign-in information will be sent to the email address you chose for your Apple ID. You can also answer the password recovery question you chose when creating your account.

For security reasons, Apple can’t reset your password for you.

How do I modify my account information?

Changing your username, password and billing information is very easy. Just tap “Your Account” at the top of any Apple Store page and sign in. Once connected, you will be able to review and edit your personal information. You can also visit the page http://www.apple.com/shop/acc ount/home to modify your Apple ID.


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