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Why your business account on Instagram needs a professional bio?

Why your business account on Instagram needs a professional bio?

If your business has an Instagram presence, there are a few elements in your business profile that you need to cut and modify. Bio is one of those elements.

Instagram allows users to fill a bio section of a maximum of 150 characters. These are 150 signs to summarize your business and everything that it represents.

But how do you behave in writing a professional Instagram bio and why is this important in the first place? To find the answers to these questions, read on.

Instagram Business Profile Translation: Why It’s Important

Although 150 characters seem too short to write anything detailed. the fact is that through a well-written bio you can convey the following to your target audience:

Simply put, a well-written Instagram bio will help your business build a brand presence on the platform. Establishing a brand presence is important because it leads to more brand awareness, which means your target audience will be aware of the existence of your business. Finally, if your target audience doesn’t know about you, the chances of buying your product and/or services are slim.

In addition, Instagram has also become a great place to find businesses. For example, an Instagram user can discover your business through a hashtag or Share Stories. A medium bio that cannot leave a mark on the user’s mind is likely to leave a negative impression.

So, when creating an Instagram bio, you need to make sure that those 150 characters are able to identify your brand identity and offer unique value to your business to users. 

Instagram bio elements

Instagram’s translation consists of several sub-elements, and optimizing all of these sub-elements will go a long way to providing a professional bio. Let’s see what these elements are:

  • Username and Name : Your Instagram username is your identity on the platform and it appears as ‘@handle’. The Instagram username can be @ABC or any other username of your choice.
  • Picture of the page : The visual identity of your brand should also be established and you can do this by selecting a profile picture suitable for the business. Of course, the picture must be visually appealing. 
  • Biosection : Next comes the most important subsection – the biosection. This is a 150 character space that you need to fill out to reach your target audience about your business, product and / or services and why your page should be followed. We’ll give you more details on developing a high-quality Instagram bio later.
  • Website : Instagram is known for not allowing its users to add clickable links. However, the website section on your Instagram bio is an exception to the rule. However, you can also experiment and post links to new products and content in this section (of course at the same time!). The website section is immediately located under the bio section.
  • category : This is an optional item below that you can turn on or off. If lit, you can use this section to determine the type of your business. For example, an entertainment company or a restaurant. 
  • Invitations to action : Business accounts on Instagram have the ability to activate call buttons to action, allowing users to act without leaving their Instagram page. These buttons also help you save biological space.
  • Contact : If users want to contact your business, this is the search element below. It consists of call and email buttons so that users can connect with your business in a matter of minutes.

How can you write an Instagram bio to increase your Instagram Presence?

Of course, Instagram doesn’t allow you to do business in terms of the length of your bio. But, there’s also a proponent of the 150-character limit – if you make your bio interesting, memorable, and relevant to both your business and your target audience, Instagram users will definitely be notified. 

But how do you get your biology to have these qualities? This is what we will answer you through the following tips:

  • Make it easy to read: The easier your biography is, the faster your target audience will process important information. This information includes how your product offers your business and why your choices from your competitors are reasonable. 
  • Put your brand identity first : A brand identity is the tone and language you use when presenting your business. For example, some businesses have a lighter and easier type of brand identity. For such businesses, the use of tone and random language in their campaigns and marketing strategies will be appropriate. 
  • Create bios based on your goals : You can edit your Instagram bio section as much as you want. However, instead of randomly changing the bio just because you can, set goals and create the best bios in them. 
  • Continue modifying the website section : As we mentioned earlier in the article, the Instagram bio section of the website allows you to publish a clickable link. You should make the best use of this section to complete your written bio with an appropriate reference. 
  • Use relevant hashtags: Hashtags are incredibly powerful tools on Instagram, so you should use them more by including relevant things for your bio. 
  • Don’t forget to enter the correct keywords : When Instagram searches are done by hashtags, not keywords, you may find the keywords unnecessary for your Instagram bio. However, the fact is that including a few keywords that are commonly used by your target audience won’t hurt. 


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