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What pet insurance covers?: Is insurance suitable for dogs or cats?

What pet insurance covers?: Is insurance suitable for dogs or cats?

The policies for dogs and cats include various services, from telemedicine to cover the costs in case of loss, but not only: find out more here.

In our country there are over 32 million pets , present in 52% of Italian homes according to Censis data. In Europe we position ourselves in front of Germany, France and Spain, establishing ourselves as true lovers of dogs and cats.

In any case, our four-legged friends need a lot of care and attention, with expenses to be incurred that can be quite high. Let’s find out how pet insurance works , what it covers and why a policy for dogs and cats is worthwhile.

What is the pet policy?

Insurance coverage allows you to protect yourself against a series of unexpected events, offering useful services to receive economic or professional support in case of need. The pet policy is an insurance specially designed for dogs and cats, to ensure the best care for our four-legged friend.

The policy works like normal coverage for individuals, with various services included ranging from reimbursing veterinary expenses to paying a pension. Each guarantee has ceilings and limitations, as indicated in the insurance contract.

The ceiling indicates the reimbursement obtainable for each individual service, considering the period of validity of the policy, while the limitations may be linked to the duration of the service, the number of interventions or the maximum reimbursement threshold. This information is important in choosing the right dog or cat insurance, which must always be evaluated very carefully.

How Pet Insurance Works

The operation of a pet policy is the same as a family insurance cover , however it offers guarantees for the dog or cat and is underwritten by the pet’s manager. There are usually various formulas to choose from, with the ability to customize the policy to suit your needs.

Once the policy guarantees have been defined, the insurance premium is determined , to be paid every month, quarterly, half-yearly or once a year. With the activation of the insurance it is possible to obtain reimbursements , for example if the animal causes damage or injuries, or if it needs urgent veterinary care.

In the same way it is possible to receive assistance , the support of affiliated structures and dedicated services that help to take care of the animal in the most difficult moments. The cost of the premium depends on several factors, including the breed, age and type of animal, with rates that may vary to insure a dog, cat or other pet.

What does pet insurance cover?

The coverage of an animal policy differs according to the insurance company, however there are also basic guarantees that are always available. The main one is the civil liability insurance , with which to obtain a refund if the animal causes damage or injury to things or people.

This coverage is important, as it provides compensation if the dog or cat causes any kind of accident. These are episodes such as the breaking of an ornament when staying at a friend’s house, or a bite to an unwelcome guest, with the consequent request for compensation from the injured person.

Another essential coverage is insurance for the veterinary expenses of the dog or cat, to receive reimbursements in the event of surgery, hospitalizations, veterinary visits or medications. The same applies to health care , to find support even while traveling at affiliated facilities.

Other ancillary guarantees can be a contribution to the expenses to be incurred in the event of loss , compensation for travel and holiday alterations caused by the pet’s needs, pet sitter services for personal health reasons, or the request for professional assistance at home.

Is insurance suitable for dogs or cats?

According to a Federconsumatori survey on the average costs of keeping pets, the cost of taking care of our four-legged friends is quite high. On average, for a cat we spend around 873 euros a year , while for a dog around 1,472 euros a year for a small animal, around 2,159 euros a year for a medium-large size animal.

Federconsumatori itself indicates that these are estimates for animals in good health, thus excluding accidents, diseases and other events that may require veterinary care . Therapies and interventions can cost thousands of euros , increasing these sums considerably.

The advantage of a pet policy is evident , an insurance coverage that can offer economic and professional support in case of need. In addition, quality care can be obtained , even when the family budget does not allow for high expenses, not to mention that the price of a policy for the dog or cat is quite low.

How to choose a pet policy

To protect your pet it is essential to choose the right policy, verifying that there are useful covers. Obviously it is important to consider the value for money , analyzing every aspect of the guarantees included, for example evaluating the maximum insurance for the cat on the veterinary expenses.

The policy must also be easy to manage , possibly digitally, to save costs and communicate with the company easily. Furthermore, the insurance conditions must be clear and transparent , to buy insurance in an informed way and receive assistance in times of need

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