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What Does It Take to Produce Explainer Video Animation?

What Does It Take to Produce Explainer Video Animation?

You may not know that each explainer video is different. It’s because the explainer video animation undergoes production as per the needs of the clients. Some explainer videos entail templates for their production, whereas some involve customization. Bespoke explainer videos undergo production totally on the client’s will. In addition, it’s time, that is, the soul of animated video production when it comes to explainer video styles.

Besides, an animated explainer video that involves a template is possible to produce and finalize in a few days. It’s because template-based explainer videos have pre-made designs and elements. For the same reason, it’s easy to produce the aforementioned explainer videos. Further, template-based videos are useful only when you need to create an animated video in a hurry. Still, these videos aren’t effective in the long run because they aren’t tailor-made to clients’ needs. You may consider such explainer videos the same as wearing others’ clothes that keep you cozy but don’t fit properly. So, what it takes to produce a custom-made explainer video, let’s us find that out.


What It Takes to Produce a Tailor-made Explainer Video.

Developing a custom-made explainer video is totally different than creating template-based animated videos. Every element in a bespoke explainer video requires the complete involvement of the clients. Further, custom explainer videos undergo production right from scratch. It can take four to eight weeks for a video production company, such as Glowza Digital, to produce custom explainer videos. Here is the process that an animated video production company has to go through to create bespoke explainer videos:

Step 1 of the Process: Research and Content Development    

It all begins with a client contacting an explainer video company for animated video production. Clients send a brief to professionals to tell them what they want in their videos. Then, the first step of the process begins.

As soon as the clients finish telling their needs to a video production company, experts at video animation begin research. Experts research the needs for a final video alongside the requirements that clients want in it. They research color, fonts, characters, and animation styles as per the client’s requirements. Next, they compile their research and share it with the clients. When the clients approve everything, video production experts move on to the next step. 

Step 2 of the Process: Coming up with the Script

It is a step that embraces the extraction of data that a business provides video production professionals. Then, one of the scriptwriters in an explainer video company come up with the script. Further, a scriptwriter also simplifies the script to ensure it reflects the tone of the business’s audience. Animated video scriptwriters rely on significant experiences to develop a script. A compelling video script also allows the target audience of the business to get more awareness of the brand. This way, the target audience of a business also finds it easy to relate themselves to a video. Moreover, an explainer video company automatically proceeds to the next step when clients provide them with the script.

Step 3 of the Process: Coming up with a Storyboard and Illustrations

Once clients finalize the script, the job of graphic designers and illustrators comes into play its role. Graphic designers or sketch artists digitally create sketches with a video script in their minds. Then, illustrators in a video production company fine-tune those sketches with appropriate coloring. Illustrations give characters in sketches a final shape and definition.

In addition, every scene in the explainer video animation is hand-drawn and honed by graphic designs and illustrators in chorus. It is a step that can take a week to ten days, as the creation of the storyboard and illustrations is a painstaking job. Finally, a video production company shares the storyboard and illustrations with the clients for approval before moving forward.

Step 4 of the Process: Incorporating a Voiceover

Typically, clients provide explainer video companies with voiceovers for explainer videos. Just in case, they don’t; the explainer video company is always ready and zealous to do a voiceover on its own. The incorporation of the final voiceover follows the recording of a video script. Then, professionals adjust and blend a voiceover into an explainer video. Finalizing a voiceover for an explainer video can take a day or two. Moreover, video animation begins after the approval of voiceover from clients. 

Step 5 of the Process: Video Animation

Video animation begins with the deployment of professional and state-of-the-art animation software from the hands of experts. Animations in a video make final videos look and feel absolutely high-quality. Then, professionals add music and sound effects in line with video content. They also double-check the final video before sharing it with the client and asking for approval.

Step 6 of the Process: Video Sharing with the Client

Animated video production professionals share the final video with the clients and ask for their feedback. If clients ask for any changes, professionals make those changes and send the video back to their clients. Moreover, approval of the final video from clients brings the process to an end.

It’s how the video production process works when it comes to explainer video production. In general, it takes four to eight weeks for explainer video makers to create explainer videos for clients. Animated video production experts also speed up the process when clients need to create explainer videos in urgency.


All animated explainer videos are different, as explainer video companies produce explainer videos as per the needs of their clients. Additionally, template-based explainer videos take a couple of days to produce. Still, such explainer videos aren’t effective in the long run, unlike custom-made explainer videos. It takes four to eight weeks, in general, for professionals to come up with custom explainer video animation. The following are six steps that professionals have to go through for animated video production:

  1. Research and Content Development   
  2. Coming up with the Script
  3. Coming up with a Storyboard and Illustrations
  4. Incorporating a Voiceover
  5. Video Animation
  6. Video Sharing with the Client

To finish, it’s also important for businesses to contact an esteemed explainer video company to develop high-quality animated explainer videos.