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What are the challenges faced by the residents of Greater Noida?

When we talk about Greater Noida, all we think of distant city from Delhi, where people have started to shift. There are already more than 1000 families residing there and the numbers are increasing but at a very slow rate as compared to Noida or Gurgaon. As per the given scale and number of residential projects in the pipeline, it doesn’t give an encouraging number. Now, the question arises – why are not people or people coming to reside in this area? We have tried to look at the limitations that people already residing here are facing which may help the prospective tenant or buyer community an analysis of the situation.

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Though there are already environmental, land acquisition concerns and other hurdles in the way, but still there are so many residential projects that have picked up momentum and are on the verge of completion in Greater Noida. Some amongst them are expected to offer possession maybe by the year-end or even the mid-next year. As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that more than 2.5 lakh houses will be delivered in Greater Noida West in the near future. People who look forward to buying houses, however, are not sure about the timing to shift to this part of the NCR.

Corporate Area

The main reason people shifting to this part of Noida is because of their IT jobs as most of the big IT companies has their base in Noida as well as Greater Noida. As new projects are popping up in Greater Noida West offering possession, people are showing interest in buying or even renting accommodation closer to their workplace. The approximate rent of a 2BHK unit in such projects is approximately 9,000 to 10,000 INR per month which is quite an attractive deal for the people. The availability of relatively affordable rentals, as well as the appeal of shifting in a newly constructed house, has become a major attraction to the people. There are also certain wedding venues in Greater Noida that are being constructed making it a place with all the amenities available!

Attractive Feature

Greater Noida’s proximity to various people’s workplaces was the only attractive feature, other than that there are various unattractive features that people realised while living there. There are certain accommodations that have their nearest market about 3 km away from their home. Also, people with school-going kids also faced difficulty as they were not able to get admission to the only school that existed in the area’s vicinity. The worse of all is that residents have to pay maintenance for certain facilities that they are not even availing themselves in their residential area. All these made it difficult for the people who shifted there as now they are having second thoughts about their move!

As we have mentioned above, people are facing some critical challenges when they move to Greater Noida. There is still a lack of major facilities such as hospitals, medical facilities, shopping centres, power supply, community centres and open parks. All these things together make a place fully developed and comfortable for the people living around. As the population is growing in this area, it needs more schools as well as play areas to accommodate children.

Here are some of the main concerns of the other prospective buyers as well as the tenant community thinking about moving to Greater Noida:

Civic amenities available at Greater Noida

 In any residential area, the physical amenities, as well as infrastructure, play a major role. When we talk about Greater Noida, it requires a lot of improvement. The external roads are still fine but the internal ones are in a bad shape presently. Even for electricity, residents are dependent upon the society’s power supply as well as backup provisions.

Lack of public transport

One of the main concerns for the people living in Greater Noida! The lack of public transport has made it very inaccessible for the people who do not have their own private vehicle! Presently, it is being noted as the biggest challenge for the people of Greater Noida as not everyone cannot afford multiple vehicles.

Lack of Hospitals and healthcare facilities 

This is again a very serious concern for many people who are planning to move to Greater Noida in the near future. The nearest hospitals, as well as medical facilities, are mostly located about half an hour away from the residential areas, which is not an attractive sign for future homebuyers as well as tenants.

Less educational facilities and schools

The families who have young children will certainly not move to a place with a lesser number of schools in the area’s vicinity. Though Greater Noida has Gaurs International School and a few other schools the seats are limited in them. Therefore getting admission to these schools becomes an uphill task for the parents which pulls them away from this area.

Lesser local markets

The only famous market is located inside Gaur City. Apart from that, there are not many local shops and markets here. Therefore, the residents, have to depend upon the vendors for getting household items as well as daily necessities such as groceries, vegetables and fruits.

No proper security

As there are few people residing here, the security of this area is another key aspect that needs attention. Families, where both partners are working, take this as a really crucial feature.

The other things that are beginning to take shape include infrastructure for water supply as well as sewage treatment. This place will still take time to be home to a sizeable population in the future but presently people are resenting this area because of the land acquisition and other controversies.