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What Are Some Types of Kraft Boxes for Custom Soap Boxes?

What Are Some Types of Kraft Boxes for Custom Soap Boxes?

Craft cardboard has a unique and natural look. Brown power custom Soap boxes are often associated with elegance, vintage, and organic products. Craft cardboard has a unique texture that gives the box a retro feel. It is also famous for its environmental friendliness, which significantly helps to earn the trust of our environmentally friendly customers. As you can see, there are many advantages to using a power soap. Our high-quality kraft cardboard is sturdy, offers excellent flexibility, and at the same time looks high quality.

  • Straight and reverse tuck boxes
  • Tuck top boxes
  • Holster boxes
  • Kraft soap sleeves

Choose from the designs available or request a custom size and shape for your craft soap box.

What customizations can be done in kraft soap boxes?

You might say that craft cardboard is a bit limited in design options, but it’s not. You can print any color on your craft soap box using the latest printing technology and the best inks. Many customers also choose to print their elements in white ink, which creates a unique contrast. The final look of the craft soap box can be polished with various decorations. You can choose from:

Embossing and debossing

The elements appear to be raised or embossed on the box’s surface with these techniques. The 3D effect adds depth to the design and highlights the selected part.

Hot foil stamping

This technique makes the element appear to be metalized. You can choose gold, silver, or copper-colored foil to display your logo, copy, or decorative piece.

Notches and shop windows

Cutouts and storefronts can bring additional points by showing customers the color and texture of the soap. You can also feel the scent.

What are some of the benefits of using craft soap boxes?

Many customers choose kraft paper soap boxes as their brand. It’s one of our specialties. We can make any box and have all the printing techniques to customize it to your liking. Could you find out how we can help your brand?

Inexpensive solution

The Innovative Packaging does everything in-house, from cardboard preparation to printing, cutting, gluing, and folding. We will also send you a template to proof it for free before printing. You can adjust your prices for the customizations you ask us to do. The material quality is the best you could ask for and for very reasonable prices.

Eye-catching Presentation

You will receive the dream soap box made of kraft paper precisely as you wish. With our state-of-the-art printing technology and years of experience, you can work with perfect precision on customized kraft soap boxes. Our full-service printing facility is located in Oregon, USA. The average processing time usually depends on the number of orders.


Our planet needs all the help we can, and every little step has an impact. By choosing to print a craft soap box with us, you choose a green solution for your business and your customers. We have a great responsibility in dealing only with sustainable corrugated boards, printing inks, and machinery. With just one click to start your project and build your brand. Get in touch with us and let us help you!

Environmental protection is teamwork. One of the solutions that helps increase the sustainability of the soap package is the use of kraft cardboard. This paper combines the advantages of both an exciting look and environmental friendliness. The innovative Packaging power Custom Bath Bomb Display Boxes are made from 100% recycled used materials.

The ink used in printing soap boxes is environmentally friendly and recyclable. This makes the craft soap box 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It is perfect if you are looking for an eco-friendly packaging solution. Choose the best packaging box for your soap or create your own. Eco-friendly packaging is also essential to impress your customers as well.