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What Are Smart TVs?

What Are Smart TVs?

You’ve got your cable. You’ve got your internet. You’re ready to watch Netflix on the big screen with your family, but when you look at the Smart TVs, you see something completely different. Shiny new LED TVs are beginning to appear in homes and this is good news for those of us who really like to watch TV from our couches.

What are smart TVs?

Smart TVs are a type of television that can be controlled using a remote control, or through the use of a voice-activated assistant. Many LED TVs include features that allow you to access the internet, watch videos, listen to music, and more.

Functions of a Smart TVs

Smart TVs come with a range of functions that can make your entertainment experience even better. Here are some of the most common functions:

  1. Streaming services: LED TVs can stream popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. You can also access your own personal movies and TV shows stored on the device.
  2. Voice control: With voice control, you can access your favourite streaming services without having to fumble through menus. Just say “Netflix” or “Hulu” and the TV will start streaming the requested content.
  3. Games: Android TVs come packed with a range of games that you can play right on the big screen. This includes popular console and PC games, as well as new live gaming experiences that you can try out.
  4. Internet access: Smart TVs offer a variety of ways to access the internet, including through built-in Wi-Fi and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players. You can also use apps like Hulu and Netflix to download content for offline viewing later on.
  5. Social media: Android TVs let you connect with friends and family online using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Common Myths About Smart TVs

Smart TVs have been around for a few years now, but there are still a lot of myths about them. In this blog post, we’re going to dispel five of the most common myths about Android TVs.

Myth 1: LED TVs are only for watching TV shows and movies.

In reality, smart android TV can do a lot more than just watch TV shows and movies. They can be used as a digital assistant, so you can control your streaming services and other devices in your home with the voice commands built in. Additionally, many Android TVs come with built-in apps that allow you to access streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video without ever having to go to the main menu.

Myth 2: LED TVs are expensive.

In some cases, yes, LED TVs can be expensive. But there are also a lot of cheaper models out there that offer almost all of the same features as more expensive models. Furthermore, there are many deals available on smart TVs every month, so it’s definitely worth checking out the various discounts and offers available before making your purchase.

Myth 3: Android TVs aren’t compatible with older devices and software.

Pros and Cons of a Smart TV

Smart TVs are definitely making a comeback in the market. With the ever-growing number of applications and services available, there is no better time than now to invest in one. However, like any technology, there are pros and cons to owning a smart TV. Here’s a look at the benefits and drawbacks of this popular TV technology.

Benefits of Smart TVs

For one, smart TVs have endless possibilities when it comes to content. You can access streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, as well as tons of other apps that offer everything from movies to games. Not only that, but many Android TVs come with built-in voice recognition capabilities so you can search for content without having to use the remote.

Another big benefit of smart TVs is the ability to connect wirelessly to other devices in your home. This means you can stream music from your Spotify account, control your lights using your voice through Amazon Echo or Google Home, or even watch a video from your phone on the big screen.

Drawbacks of Smart TVs

One downside of smart TVs is that they can be more expensive than traditional TVs. Additionally, they can be more difficult to use if you’re not used to navigating

What Do I Need in Order to Use a Smart TV?

To use a smart TV, you’ll need an internet connection and a compatible smart TV. Most Android TVs have an app store where you can download apps to watch shows and movies. You can also use voice commands to control the TV.


Smart TVs are great for watching TV shows, movies, and sports. They have a lot of features that make them better than other TVs. They are also easier to use than other TVs.