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What Are Signal Boosting Techniques For Better Cell Phone Reception

What Are Signal Boosting Techniques For Better Cell Phone Reception

In today’s world of digitalization, people are bound to rely on cell phones. They use their cellular devices for everything from shopping grocery to browsing everyday news, and more. However, no matter how advanced the world is in technology, some factors like bad weather, lead your phones to poor signals. Such service disruptions cause unsent text messages, dropped calls, and super slow internet in your phones. Here, the question is how to tackle such problems. Luckily, there is a device like a signal phone booster that boosts your existing cellular signals and provides you with amplified signals (cell phone reception).

Such signal phone boosters are exceptionally helpful for better cell phone reception. Especially, when you want your phone to work at its peak performance but are in a dead zone with no signals. Read down some best troubleshooting techniques to improve your poor cellular reception.

Effective Techniques To Boost Weak Signals For Better Cell Phone Reception

Technical Tips And Tricks

Let’s begin with some technical techniques.

  • Turn On And Off Airplane Mode

The most tried and true approach. Simply turn on the airplane mode in your phone, wait for at least fifteen seconds and again turn off the airplane mode. It will make your phone to again search for the nearest cellular network available and reconnect to it.

  • Restart Your Cell Phone

Mobile phones are just like mini-computers. So, just like you restart your computers to fix the connectivity issues, you can also reboot your phone to get rid of the network connectivity problem in your phone.

  • Change Your Data Settings

Sometimes the 4G or LTE networks that you use get overloaded. Here, a 3G network can work faster than LTE or 4G networks. So, turn off your 4G or LTE network, switch to the 3G network, and then check whether your signals improve or not.

  • Update Your Software

Phone Carriers frequently update the network carrier settings to improve the messages, calls, and data connectivity in their specific networks. These carrier updates are responsible for your phones to connect to the towers. So, make sure your phone is up-to-date to the new software version.

  • Reset Your Network Settings

If your phone is still facing connectivity issues, reset your phone network settings. But, be aware of resetting your phone’s network setting because it also reset saved WiFi passwords and VPN connections in your phones. It also resets your mobile data and Bluetooth settings. After restarting your device, make sure to reconnect your phone to your WiFi network in your home and at work.

  • Take Out Your SIM card

If your phone signals are still weak, check whether your SIM card placement is proper in the SIM tray or not. Also, take out the SIM card, and again place it correctly in your phone. But make sure your cell phone is switched on. Clean your SIM card if it’s dirty.  Besides, you need to get a new one if it’s broken.

Certified Signal Boosting Technique

Let’s discuss the certified and proven solution.

  • Signal Phone Booster

Besides using all these tips and tricks to improve your poor cellular reception, a mobile signal booster device is a certified solution. As per the mobile carrier firms that provide cellular connectivity services to customers, using a signal phone booster is the best technique for better cell reception. Such boosters take the existing outside cellular signals, amplify them, and further distribute boosted cellular signals in your home, office, or vehicles.

Additional Tips And Tricks

Let’s move to the additional tips.

  • Ensure Your Phone Is Charged

To get strong cell phone reception, your device has to search for the nearest but strong networks. Further, your device tries to connect to the available network. Searching and connecting to the signals drains the battery power of your phone. So, if your phone battery is already low, you are likely to face more inconvenience while connecting to your network.

  • Move From Your Location

Sometimes moving from your current location so there is no blockage between your phone and cell towers can help you immensely for better signals. For example, If you are in the basement, move to the ground floor for better phone signals.

As solid walls and metal objects block cell reception, moving to windows also helps you to get improved cellular reception. At last, going outside the building will help you to get strong signals from the nearest local cell towers.


Connectivity problems can be frustrating when you need to make an urgent call. So, use the tips and tricks such as turning on and off the airplane mode of your phone, or restarting your phone. Also, changing data settings or resetting network settings can help you in improving your weak cell phone signals. Make sure to update your phone software to prevent poor internet speed and call drops.

Sometimes, taking the SIM card out, and placing it again or moving towards windows or outside can also help you for strong signals. Besides, using all these tips and tricks, a signal phone booster is a certified solution to enhance your poor cellular signals. A mobile reception booster takes your existing cellular signal, amplifies it, and provides better coverage in your room, house, office, or vehicle.