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VPS Hosting VS Managed WP Hosting – Essential Factors to Consider

VPS Hosting VS Managed WP Hosting – Essential Factors to Consider

You might consider weighing the decision of using managed WP hosting or a VPS setup when looking to host your website. However, you are not alone in doing this comparison as the Internet is full of such queries. Both the options might sound wise on paper, as they offer security, privacy, and other factors you might need down the road. However, one might ask about any major differences between these two platforms. This post will reveal essential factors to consider when comparing VPS hosting VS managed WP hosting. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Managed WP Hosting Vs VPS Hosting:

Managed WordPress hosting will leave you relaxed regarding administrative tasks like server management and fixing issues. On the other hand, VPS hosting is all your responsibility to manage and fix the technical problems. The hosting company is only responsible for providing hosting space.

Talking about the differences between these platforms, you will find many. This post will uncover multiple factors you should know before you decide to opt for either of the choices. Here is a list of factors you should explore to understand better which platform will better suit your business needs.

1. Ease of use:

Using a managed WordPress hosting platform does not require technical skills, as the provider will take care of everything. It is much easier to use as you need less to do and the provider needs more to do. Being a website owner, you can focus on growing your business and website without worrying about technical things like server management or control panel administration.

In contrast, VPS hosting is all your responsibility. You must possess technical skills to administer the server and build and manage whatever you need and want. It’s too much to ask, especially if the website owner does not come from a technical background.

2. Security:

Security measures are already in place when discussing managed WP hosting. The hosting company will provide you with solutions like:

  • Daily backups
  • Applying updates
  • Running server security

Since the providing companies have specialists on board, they can do better than you on security fronts. They know the platform well and can do the needful when something suspicious happens.

On the other hand, that’s not to say that VPS hosting is less secure, but not as much as the managed WP. Since you will have fewer sites on your server with a separation, cross-infection from other websites is a common activity in VPS. It would be best to prefer the former when it comes to security. Do you want to launch your site on a secure platform?   Make sure you choose the best WordPress hosting company in the UAE!

3. Control and flexibility:

Here comes the downside of using managed WP hosting. In this type, you are bound to only one particular CMS, WordPress. You are already disqualified if it is not what you want to use or carry using. Moreover, you don’t have the flexibility and freedom to do what you want with your server as the right lies with the provider.

VPS hosting always shines at flexibility and control as you are free to make decisions about your server. If you have technical skills, you can make necessary changes to upgrade your server performance and achieve better results. A VPS hosting is the better option for control and flexibility.

4. Scalability, speed, and support:

Running a website without knowing the 3S would be incomplete; Scalability, Support, and Speed. When comparing scalability in both managed WP and VPS hosting, both the platforms are even. They can be scaled up when needed and manage a large amount of traffic. In terms of speed, managed WP hosting can win the race.

Finally, support is probably better when you talk about managed WordPress hosting. The team will always help you with security issues, server maintenance, and other technical requirements. However, in VPS hosting, you need to do everything on your own, without any support from outside.

5. Pricing:

Website owners are always concerned about the pricing of a web hosting platform. However, you better know pricing is another area where managed WP hosting concedes. Owing to the added services, it is more expensive than unmanaged or other web hosting platforms. The hosting provider will charge you extra money for the added services you enjoy.

On the other hand, a VPS plan will never cost you as much as the above-discussed platform. However, nothing matches the security of the former, and you should never settle for a low-priced plan where security and performance are compromised. DO you want to purchase a WP plan? Consider contacting WordPress hosting UAE companies!

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Add more security to your website!

Security is essential to your website, and you should never be compromised. Nothing can add better security to your website than a hosting platform, should you opt for the right one. Consider contacting reliable web hosting companies like HostingMENA today to launch your website on a secure hosting platform.

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