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Virtual Conference Fatigue? 5 Ideas To Improve Engagement Virtually

Virtual Conference Fatigue? 5 Ideas To Improve Engagement Virtually

Just when regular events stopped, event marketers adopted the virtual way and made it the new normal. However, as comfortable as it may sound, virtual events require proper planning and implementation. 

If you are in the process of hosting a virtual conference and looking for means and ways to take the engagement to a whole new level, then you are at the right place. Make your way to the end of this post, as we shall be telling you about a few ways following which you can easily take your audience’s engagement to a whole new level. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started!  

Best Practices To Improve Engagement During Video Conferences

Increase Interaction Between Speaker & The Attendees 

First and foremost, make sure that you invite the correct speaker for your conference. Make sure that the speaker is active, good with voice modulation and holds the audience’s attention throughout the session. 

Conduct practice sessions before the main day of the event and ask your speaker to keep the session fun, lively and easy to understand. You can also tell your speaker to interact with the audience in some way. It can be by asking or taking questions, or by conducting some kind of activity. This way your audience will be convinced to glance at their screen till the end of the event. 

Include A Social Media Wall

One of the best means to keep your audience engaged is by incorporating a social media wall between the events. If you are unaware of the concept of a moderated social media wall, it is a collection of social media content from various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

Using an appropriate tool like the Taggbox Display, users can easily curate content from social media platforms and create a social media wall in a few clicks. The best part of the tool is that it comes with a set of comprehensive features that can be leveraged by the users to increase the effectiveness and impact of the social media wall. 

The users of the tool can use the customization panel along with the content moderation panel to monitor the content before making it live. 

Additionally, the users have the option to monitor the social media wall to monitor the reaction of your audience. Encourage your audience to post fun content on their social media handles using your event hashtag and you can aggregate and post it in between the event to surprise your audience. Everyone loves being featured and this activity would push other attendees to participate more actively in the event.  

Incorporate Gamification During The Event 

Including gamification during the event is another superb way to tremendously increase the engagement rate of your event. Doing so acts as a breather for your audience as they feel much more fresh and lively. 

You can include a few rounds of quizzes in between the sessions and give points to the ones who answer first and appropriately. Moreover, you can include many other games including multiplayer games to increase the interaction between them. This also acts as an ice breaker between the participants. 

Enable Live Polling

Often the audience of the event is quite hesitant and does not fully open up about their thoughts. To avoid this, you can include live polling between the conference to stay updated with your audience. 

You can include a few sets of questions during the polling related to the speed of the event, the clarity of the speaker, technical issues between the event, etc. Doing so will let your audience open up more freely.  

Display The Branding Of Your Company On The Screen 

Lastly, you can include the branding i.e.- the name, motto and the logo of your brand on the screen to grab more attention from your audience. 

When your audience will see the elements of your brand on the screen, they will automatically get more glued and take the conference more seriously and be attentive throughout. 

Final Thoughts 

And we have reached the conclusion section of this post and you are now aware of the best ways to easily improve your engagement with the audience while hosting a virtual conference. 

All the practices are super easy to implement and do not require any special preparation. Go on now, include these strategies in your next event and you will be amazed at the results!