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Valorant, the revolutionary shooter from Riot Games

Valorant, the revolutionary shooter from Riot Games

Riot Games will release its new 5v5 shooter for free this summer. The arrival of Valorant will be a blow to the genre in the competitive scene.

The game, which will pit two five-member teams against each other, is scheduled to launch in the summer and, like its sibling League of Legends , will be free- to-play . Of course, it will also have micropayment elements, such as skins and cosmetics that will vary the appearance of the characters.

Another of the intentions revealed by the company is to organize a competitive circuit for it, so that it can quickly become esports. And there are few players in the industry like Riot Games that have the resources and experience to do it.

What’s more, Riot Games’ intention is that everyone can play it, so the minimum specifications are an Intel i3-370M CPU and an Intel HD 3000 GPU, something that any computer, even a laptop, can achieve.

Each hero or champion, as they are called in League of Legends, will have both weapons and abilities in Valorant, according to Riot Games, which guarantees that it will be “a tactical shooter with supernatural capabilities.” Each game will consist of 24 rounds, with the aspects of attacking and defending a region changing in each round.

He throws a fireball that explodes on impact, places a wall of flames that prevents vision and damage to those who try to pass through it, blinds enemies with a flare and his ‘ulti’ pinpoints his location at the moment in which he uses it and, when he dies, he is reborn in that place.


Darkens the enemy’s vision with a mist, jumps higher and immediately jumps a short distance in the direction the agent is moving. His ‘ulti’ equips him with knives that he can choose to throw all at once or individually. If he gets a kill, he’ll get them all back.


Launches an orb that hits an area and slows and prevents those who hit them from jumping, as well as making noise when moving. Another ability launches an orb into a wall causing it to rotate, another orb heals allies, and her ultimate allows you to revive a teammate at full health.


He throws a grenade that deals area damage, fires a beacon at a nearby location dealing damage to enemy players in the way, prevents vision with smoke screens, and his ultimate allows you to select an area of ​​the map to launch a hit.


He fires an explosive volley, unleashing a dart-firing drone that reveals enemy locations and a sound-emitting bolt that allows you to mark nearby enemies and his ultimate, which fires three blasts that traverse the entire map and marks everyone. enemies hit.


He casts a shadow in a straight line and can look closely at those who pass by, he can do a small dash temporarily losing his material form, he throws a hidden sphere to his final location and his ultimate allows him to teleport anywhere on the map and that for a few seconds makes him invulnerable.


He throws a projectile that explodes in a puddle of acid that does area damage, emits a gas that does damage per second, builds a line of emitters that he can turn into a tall wall of gas, and his ultimate emits a giant cloud of gas around him. Toxic gas that lasts as long as he is in it and marks enemies.


He can create a camera and remotely see what’s going through it and shoot a dart at enemies to mark them and watch their passing. His ultimate ability tracks the corpse of an enemy and reveals where his companions are.

Valorant will arrive to refresh the competitive scene and the shooter genre , until now dominated from top to bottom by Counter Strike . And it will do so with the elements of the traditional Valve game and other Overwatch games , with the intention of creating a title that is halfway between the fantastic and the realistic .