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Top Watch Brand For men & women

Top Watch Brand For men & women

Might it be said that you are searching for the best watch marks that are dominating the Indian internet based market? Here during this article, we will generally list down the best watch assembling and selling companies operative with progress on the web.

Subsequently, numerous hot selling brands are administering the Indian men’s watch market. various them are extravagance brands with enormous worldwide names and deal very good quality watches that you essentially will brag concerning.

At the indistinguishable time, there are some homegrown watch marks that offer quality watches at modest costs.

There are such a great deal of brands and running assortments of watches that you essentially will browse.If you want to learn more about best phones under 20,000 then click here.

Additionally, the top choices are available and embrace scratch obstruction capabilities, clock, and waterproof besides variable band decisions.


Titan is one of the leading valued watch brands for men and women in India. The organization produces several style brands like Octane, Raag, Diva, Prateek. Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan brand which was floated remembering the youth. Sonata is also a sub-brand of Titan. Similarly, check out Fastrack watches for men under Rs. 1,000 on Amazon.

Model Lineup: Automatic, Quartz

Watch Types: Analog, Chronograph, Digital, Analog-Digital

Price Range: Rs.655-Rs.21,995.

Orientation: Men / Women / Children


The next top brand in our list of Best Watch Brands in India is Casio. Casio has been a favorite and most valuable brand for a very long time.

A Japanese organization makes various electronic items, be that as it may, the craze for Casio wrist watches is on the opposite item.

Casio Support, G Shock, Wave Capture, Sheen and Building are some of the watch brands from Casio. They address development and polish.

The brand also offers fanciful suggestions for pairing your cell phone with the watch, with Casio GPS being the necessary organization to ship the Atomic Star watch.

They are generally more popular among the younger age for computerized watches.

As a result, you will undoubtedly track down a mix of design and innovation to buy Casio watches in India.

Model Lineup: Intelligent Quartz, Automatic

Watch Types: Analog, Chronograph, Digital, Analog-Digital

Price Range: Rs 600-Rs 23,995.

Orientation: Men / Women / Children


For a really long time the Timex group of USA has given very good quality wrist watches and this is the explanation that makes the brand one of the main brands in India. Timex brand is known for smart Italian schemes with German designing watches which appears to be a specialist Titan wristwatch. Timex watches cater to the needs of an individual and offer intelligent quartz for style sweethearts, man assessment for wellness darlings, and expedition accommodation for excursions. The Timex is a wristwatch based on the premise that the new metropolitan classification relates to your well-being, the amount of calories consumed and traces up to a ton. The inverted stylish brands of the Times Bunch are Helix, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo. Titan watches for women are also quite attractive to look at.

Model Lineup: Expedition, Weekend, Intelligent Quartz, E-Class, Fashion, Sports Marathon, Ampera, Classics

Price Range: 550-Rs. 17000

Gender: Men / Women / Children

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4. Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein wristwatch brand offers high design watches with reasonable cost, ranging from going close to Rs.700 at a location to more than what you need. It is also considered as one of the most mind blowing watch brands for women, so here is an opportunity for women to become a head-turner diva and fascinate all. These plans are also available for men.

Model Lineup: Quartz

Types of Watches it makes: Analog

Price Range: Rs.250 – Rs. 4000

Gender Male Female

5. Citizen

The resident wristwatch brand is a Japanese outfit, their best component is that they are really advanced and are the creative highlight. They have energy-gathering clocks based on sunlight, however their computerized watches are much more popular, because of their speed they keep up with the patterns that have been described as one of the most mind-blowing watches amongst the youth. is recorded as. They also have simple, computerized simple and chronograph watches. Resident wrist watch price in India starts from Rs.500 only.

Model Lineup: Eco-Drive, Satellite Wave, L, Promaster

Types of watches it makes: Analog, Analog-Digital, Chronograph

Price Range: Each watch is a masterpiece resulting in it going from Rs 500 to Rs 20,000

Orientation: Men / Women / Children

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