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Top 8 Escape Room Tips & Hints for Winning the Game

Top 8 Escape Room Tips & Hints for Winning the Game

If you are about to experience escape rooms for the first time, here is a bitter truth: as easy as they might appear, winning an escape game is not very straightforward. Even players who have played escape rooms before struggle from time to time. But if you are someone who likes to stay prepared for every competition, we have a few escape room tips to share with you!

Keep in mind that these are some general advice that will help you enjoy your experience better. So, it doesn’t matter if you have made a booking at a Boston brand like Upside Down Escape Games or an international escape room based in Poland. These 8 tips and hints will come in handy for all situations!

1.  Dress comfortably for the game!

Put on a pair of shoes that have a sturdy and tough design instead of making the mistake of wearing heeled shoes! Your shoes must offer you a comfortable fit so that your movement inside the game is unrestricted. Hence, sneakers are possibly the best fitting shoes for this occasion!

The next thing that is also vital for your dress code for an escape room is your pair of pants! Make sure that you do not end up picking tight-fitting trousers or pants. A pair of joggers, sweatpants or any loose and comfortable-fitting pants are always good options. Wear a t-shirt or shirt that fits tightly over your frame. Wearing breathable clothes for the escape games will help you remain comfortable as you chase all around the room, hunting for clues and riddles.

2.  Pick the right number of players for your team

Many of us end up making the mistake of choosing too many players to form a team. The problem with doing this is the more people you have, the more crowdy it will become inside the game room, leading to chaos.

However, this does not mean that you choose extremely few people for your team. The time allotted to you to solve the game is short. So, if you have too few people on your team, it only becomes tough to solve all the puzzles in time. Thus, make sure you choose neither too few nor too many people for your team.

3.  Choose closely-acquainted people as your team members.

Instead of playing with strangers, it is better to play with people you are closely acquainted with. This allows your team members to possess greater compatibility in working together with the rest of the team.

But, playing with people whom you do not know well does not offer you this compatibility or ease of working seamlessly together. Also, playing with people you know and care about gives you the added advantage of spending some quality time with them.

4.  Communication is must

Communication is the key to acing you through the escape room game today. It is vital for each member of your team to continuously communicate with the rest of the team. Make sure your team members are vocalizing their discoveries with the entire team efficiently.

Communicating with your team is also about being patient and listening to what your fellow teammates have to share. It is only when your team members talk to each other and patiently hear each other’s opinions and discoveries that you can win the game.

5.  Budget your time!

Time management is a vital factor to pay attention to while you visit the escapades. Many players often make the mistake of spending excessive time trying to solve just one riddle. In doing so, players are then left with very little time to finish the rest of the puzzles in the game.

Ensure that your team does not fall into the same pit. Lead your team inside the escape room in an organized manner. Divide the entire time allotted to you for the game such that you have sufficient time to solve every riddle in the game. However, if you do find a puzzle that you cannot solve at the moment, move on to another. Get back to this puzzle only after you have solved the others at hand. In this way, you can manage your time better!

6.  Share new-found info

The escape games are team activities where you need to play together. Keeping vital information from your teammates is not going to help you win the game. Instead, it will only act as a barrier to your way of acing the escape room game.

Players must always keep on communicating with the other members about whatever they have discovered. Share all your opinions with your teammates and never hide any information from them.

7.  Maintain an organized gameplan

The majority of the escape games are designed such that every object is used only once during the game. So, you need to ensure that your team members do not keep on stumbling across items that have already been used at least once in the game.

What you can do is, decide on a common spot where you and your team can accumulate all the objects that have already been used once. Once you do this, it will help your team not waste time with the same object all over again. You can even secure a separate spot to pile up all those objects that you have discovered but haven’t yet used. Remaining organized in your way of playing the escape games will prevent you from wasting time and being right on track.

8.  Search every nook and corner of the room

Instead of searching together at the same place, you must divide the work efficiently amongst your teammates. So, divide your entire team into small segments and let them search in different areas of the escape room.

While searching for clues in the escape game, leave no stone unturned. Almost everything that you see inside the game has a purpose of serving (unless it is a red herring, of course!). Time inside the game room appears shorter than it is. So, you must divide and spread out your teammates inside the game room to quickly look for puzzles or clues.

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