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Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Arlington TX

Tired of having food at home? Get ready to have the best seafood which you would have never had before. I understand the fact that many restaurants do not pay attention to the quality of ingredients they use, or they do not take care of hygiene. Moreover, some restaurants do not have a pleasant environment to sit and enjoy the meal peacefully. But, all these worries must not bother you now because we are with the best restaurants that serve high-quality seafood in Arlington, TX.

A five-star restaurant provides its clients with all the services a restaurant should deliver. Like serving them fresh and high-quality food, a clean and pleasant environment for diners, and fast and excellent services. If a restaurant has these attributes then it grabs the customer’s attention and motivates them to visit there frequently.

Here we are with restaurants that serve the best seafood in Arlington, TX.

Red Crab Juicy Seafood and Bar

Red Crab Juicy Seafood Restaurant are among the restaurants that serve top-notch seafood in Arlington. You can rely on them for anything as they are examples of people who are loyal to their work. Everything about this restaurant is amazing. Their menu has numerous dishes on it. From traditional dishes to modern recipes, everything is available there. The chefs created unique recipes to highlight the delicious flavor of seafood. Their chefs follow special recipes in order to provide you with the best flavors.

To satisfy their cravings for these exotic dishes, people visit Red Crab Juicy Seafood. This shows that they have expert chefs who cook so tasty food that clients specially visit there. Moreover, if you try their Cajun-seasoned seafood, you’ll eventually crave more.

The cleanliness of Red Crab Juicy Seafood is an important factor in its popularity. The restaurant’s hygienic standards never deteriorate despite its busy regular routine. Even the way they keep the kitchen tidy is impressive. Because of this, the food there is also incredibly healthy.

If you talk about the restaurant’s environment, it is spectacular and you will feel comfortable there and enjoy your meal in peace. Secondly, the light music playing in the background makes the environment pleasant too. Moreover, the restaurant’s lighting is very adequate, neither too bright nor too dim that it becomes uncomfortable for you.

The waiters and chefs at Red Crab seem incredibly knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals. Everyone performs their duties expertly and works with great devotion. The cooks are incredibly proactive as they always keep their hands busy inventing new recipes, and the waiters are quite friendly.

Nothing is substandard or disorganized there.  This is because their workforce completes their task professionally and efficiently, enabling them to meet their targets of the day. They never allow you to encounter any inconveniences. When something bad happens unexpectedly, they handle it with considerable discipline to keep their client happy. When you first visit this restaurant, you’ll find yourself dining in this top seafood restaurant in Arlington quite often.

Location: 721 N Watson Rd Arlington, TX 76011

Flying Fish

Flying Fish restaurant opened to satisfy the seafood cravings of the people in Texas. There is a variety of seafood available at this restaurant like oysters, catfish, crabs, crawfish, shrimp, trout, salmon, and other seafood which are in season. Secondly, there are many other items on their menu besides seafood like fried chicken, hamburgers, and others. In addition to the food, they also offer cocktails, wines, beers, and margaritas which complement well with the seafood. Moreover, there are also daily special seafood items on the menu available every day.

Apart from the food, they also have promotional activities in their restaurant and the one who wins receives a basket containing catfish. Just imagine by this act of theirs that they value their customers a lot.

Do pay a visit to this restaurant to have the best seafood in Arlington, TX.

Location: 300 E. Abram St Arlington, TX 76010

Crab Station

Some people are hesitant to eat food which ends up creating a lot of mess. Like, cracking, peeling, and then extracting meat out of the crab legs can end up turning out to be messy. So that’s why crab station has created a comfortable environment for you to eat easily in your comfort zone. Just like you eat at your home. They have created a family-friendly atmosphere in their restaurant so that people can come with their families and enjoy a good time with their families. Secondly, you must visit this restaurant to have any type of seafood in Arlington, TX. From different species of crabs to various lobster dishes, you can eat anything to satiate your cravings.

Location: 1101 E Pioneer Pkwy, Arlington, TX 76010

Pappasito’s Cantina

This family-owned restaurant has maintained its caliber since its opening. They did not deteriorate their standards as this restaurant passed down from generation to generation. The restaurant still has its full attention on customer satisfaction, food quality, efficient services, and innovation in new recipes. Their hands do not stop creating new flavors to treat their customer’s taste buds. Their menu has various items for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, the environment there is quite welcoming and they treat their customers just like their guests and entertain them with exciting themes.

Location: 321 Road To Six Flags St W, Arlington, TX 76011

Shell Shack

Shell Shack is a great restaurant serving exotic seafood cuisine in Texas. There you’ll experience amazing crab boils, shrimp, crawfish boils, and other tasty seafood of your choice. And they also take away the fear of most people for creating a mess while cracking and peeling seafood as they provide all the necessary items to clear up the mess. So without any hesitation visit this restaurant and eat your favorite seafood and enjoy.

Location: 550 Lincoln Sq, Arlington, TX 76011