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Top 5 Bungee Jumping places in india

Top 5 Bungee Jumping places in india

Bungee-jumping is an unproven sport that is now attracting more and more Indian tourists who are attracted to the idea of adrenaline-pumping highs. When you’re strapped to a rope, and then fall from a high point and feel the thrill of a falling free is something that can’t be described. If you do not have a significant medical issue, bungee jumping is a great method to send chills down your spine and gain exercise. 

If you watch people do it on TV this is one of the activities that cause you to feel anxious initially, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll be disappointed in your choice. With the popularity of adventure tourism growing across the country and bungee jumping has begun to establish new ground in India and there are many new spots opening up in which you can go on an adrenaline-filled experience. Check out the top five bungee jumping locations in India to get an understanding.

Rishikesh is situated within the State of Uttarakhand.

83 meters in height

The tiny village of Uttarakhand located in the Himalayan foothills is known as a tourist destination that welcomes thousands of pilgrims every year. Bungee-jumping in Rishikesh can be a thrilling thrill as you fall down a canyon , the backdrop that is the Himalayan mountains as a beautiful background. Jumping Heights, located near Mohan Chatti’s hamlet Mohan Chatti, is the highest point in India that you can be able to bungee-jump.

Lonavala is a city in Maharashtra.

45 meters in height

Because of its proximity to the busy cities in Pune and Mumbai and Mumbai, bungee-jumping in the Della Adventures in Lonavala is very popular among tourists. Alongside being among the biggest outdoor parks within the country, Della Adventures also offers an exhilarating experience without sacrificing the degree of security. There is a sense of calm under the shivers and frills of bungee jumping. It will let you escape the bustle and hustle of daily life.

Anjuna Beach is located in the state of Goa.

25 meters in height

If you’re in search of an amazing vacation spot, Goa never fails to amaze the young at heart. It’s a bustling metropolis and its beautiful blue and sparkling beaches making the perfect backdrop to the excitement. There is reason to feel happy if you think about taking a trip to Goa. A bungee jump attraction, Gravity Adrenaline Zone, is situated close to Anjuna Beach in Goa and offers a wide range of options to please the thrill seeker within us all. It is situated at a lower elevation and won’t scare the jumper as other places that are more awe-inspiring, especially for those who are new to the sport.

Bangalore is known as the capital city of Karnataka.

25 meters in height

Due to the fact that a substantial portion of the population living in these cities in Bangalore is composed of youth. This area is a bungee-jumping hot location in the nation. Bangalore is known as a location for bungee jumping in India. Since there isn’t a set base for bungee jumping on at Ozone Adventures in Bangalore. Your bungee-jumping adventure will feel as real as it is possible. It is required to leap off the platform which is connected by a portable crane at 40 metres in height. This is the truth however it’s dangerous and is not recommended for the weak of heart. If you are looking to push their limits using extreme bungee jumps This is the place to go to.


25 meters in height

Wanderlust within Delhi offers an ideal option for jumping from bungees for those living in cities living in the North who wish to get beyond their familiar zone. There are many safe options for bungee-jumping from cranes within the area. Even though you’re not jumping from an elevated platform it is not as frightening due to the use of top-quality equipment that allows you to feel safe.

It is a fact that bungee jumping will make you feel goosebumps for all the time of your journey however. When it comes down to adventure sports, you must be aware regarding your safety in the event of a fall. Get the right harnesses and other equipment and make sure they’re top-quality even if that will require a bit more. It should be okay to travel when you keep this in your mind. You will be in a state of constant pins and needles throughout the entire time. Set up a date with your most cherished group of friends to do something thrilling and exciting on the weekend of Christmas. Be sure that bungee-jumping is on your list of things to do while you’re on your next trip. It’s a sure bet that you’ll enjoy it.