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Top 12 Wedding Cakes for Outdoorsy Couples in UAE

Top 12 Wedding Cakes for Outdoorsy Couples in UAE

We love a marriage cake covered in elegant buttercream details and bursting with romantic blooms. But what if that aesthetic does not exactly suit your style? If you are a few who likes to spend some time outdoors, you’ll be planning a more rustic and/or outdoor-inspired party. A mountain-inspired wedding could also be within the books if you are hooked on hiking, camping, or backpacking.

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Snowboarders or avid skiers? Perhaps your soirée will 100% celebrate the wonders of winter. So, order cakes online for the best quality cakes. Also, you can send cake to Australia to your known ones through us. With a standard love for the outside, your cake certainly must match.

And fortunately, there are many designs outside the traditional all-white wedding cakes to suit the bill. From hand-painted meadows & mountainscapes to cakes adorned in wildflowers, pinecones, and greenery, rest assured, there is a confection to suit the needs of you and your adventure-loving partner.

Below, find 12 of our favorite outdoor bride cake ideas to start the journey.

Wow, With Winter White

If you are a couple who cannot wait to hit the slopes each & every season, so embrace it! Rejoice your dearest one for powdery snow with a shocking tiered cake finished with Buttercream Mountains & Trees. We love the calculation of winter greenery to finish the look!

Don’t Ditch Chocolate

Incorporating Chocolate may be a good way to realize an outside vibe, and this 3-tiered confection marries manifold hues so well. With a chocolate tier on top-tier and a pink tier on rock bottom, it creates the right color palette to spotlight the incredible hand-painted middle tier containing the Grand Tetons.

Focus On Foraged Fruit

Being an outdoorsy couple does not just mean intense climbing, mountain biking, and hiking. It’s also going to mean that you like to spend time outdoors scavenging, whether for beautiful fruits or wild mushrooms. Celebrate your love for that specific activity by presenting a textured cake that is covered in fresh & wild blackberries.

Incorporate Simple Details

This look is the perfect resolution for the outdoorsy couple willing to celebrate their love for the foothills & mountains while keeping things subtle. Ask your baker to feature a couple of simple details highlighting mountains to form otherwise all-white cake pop.

Go For The Golden Mountains

Gold detailing is very romantic, and this golden mountain design makes it even further by featuring pine trees & mountains. We love that this 3-tiered cake was offered on a tree slab and surrounded by boughs of a pine tree for a natural look.

Highlight Fresh Fruit

This 3-tiered confection attractively matches its outdoor setting. And while it is perfectly unique for an outdoorsy couple, it can be an inspiration for technically any wedding. Featuring greenery, fresh figs, and a shocking sky blue hue, it is as charming as is often.

Paint A Purple Mountainscape

Palette knife artistry is among the simplest ways to realize a mountain looks on any cake, and also, this confectionery showcases the technique beautifully. Painted with decorated buttercream featuring various purple hues, this incredible mountainscape is done with edible gold luster dust.

Showcase Snowy Mountains

Snowy mountains give off a comfortable vibe, and this cake captures that completely. Choose a single-tiered cake that displays cabinet the incredible moody hues & texture of snow-capped hills as a stunning addition to your outdoor celebration. Moreover, you can send flowers to Australia, UK or other countries.

Celebrate The Sea

Exploring rugged coastlines could also be up your alley more than mountain trails. These stunning features are an abstract feature of water, with beautiful gold detailing & turquoise hues. The natural shells on top-tier finish it off to make a rustic-meets-sophisticated design.

Look To Layers

Treat the outside like an art piece as you discover inspiration for your bride’s cake. This 2-tiered cake features many textured layers with a gorgeous mountain scene. Then, adding a couple of boughs & gold fleck detailing of greenery, take it to a subsequent level.

Embrace A Cozy Vibe

Love throwing on a snug sweater and going away for a walk? It’s going to be you and your partner’s preferred outdoor activity! To celebrate all the comfortable vibes of loving the outside with a show-stopping cake. The textured detailing over this cake to mimic a typical winter sweater is nothing in need of incredible.

Cowboy & Bride Wedding Cake

We design & make cake toppers for your wedding; for the customized design, you’ll contact us. The personalized bride cake topper may be a modern sentiment and can make any cake elegant. We use the laser machine from finest-quality wooden & acrylic and have a chic script that will make your bride’s cake entire thing more special. If you purchased a topper with pets (cat & dog) or kids, we will change the dimensions or customize it if required. After the event, it makes a stunning keepsake to tuck in as a special memento of your big day.

Wrapping Up

Being a single destination point for all bakery needs, we provide the best online cake delivery service, and our specialty is providing unique cakes. For the same reason, we provide you with the best Wedding Cakes for Outdoorsy Couples. So, could you choose one of them and order it now?