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Things to Know About VILT Technology: What & How?

Things to Know About VILT Technology: What & How?

Virtual Instructor-Led Training, better known as VILT services, has grown rapidly in the last two years. Due to COVID-19, face-to-face classroom learning has become limited. As a result, many educational organizations started conducting their classes online. The corporate companies implemented virtual Instructor-Led Training as well to train their employees who were working from home. 

If you compare VILT with traditional classroom learning or face-to-face training modes, you will find that the fundamental aspect of both methods is pretty similar. In both these modes, an instructor imparts knowledge to the student in a real-time live interaction. The only difference is that the instructor and the learner were present in the same room in the traditional mode, while in VILT, they communicate through online conference calls. 

One of the direct impacts of VILT is the globalization of quality education. Earlier, the students from remote towns and cities could not join top educators’ courses because they could not reach the cities. But VILT has led to the delivery of education in remote areas. As a result, the students can now enjoy greater flexibility and improved quality of education. 

And it is not that VILT is used only for remote learning. Sometimes, it is even used during classroom interaction to make the classes much more informative and exciting. In this blog, we will try to understand what Virtual Instructor-Led Training is and how it operates, its major benefits, and how it can be improved even further. 

What Are Virtual Instructor-Led Training Services

In simple words, VILT is the process by which an instructor communicates to their students virtually. It is another name given to the well-organized and systematically offered online classes in the most basic sense. But, does it mean that if we simply organize a zoom call between a tutor and student, then it will be a good VILT? No! To make an impactful VILT session, we have to add interactive elements like learning videos, online quizzes, etc. 

To deliver Virtual training that is impactful, engaging, and informative, we need to use some software tools and resources. Some instructors prefer animated videos and PPTs to accompany their lectures. They help the students to understand the topics better. In our next section, we will look at the process flow that virtual instructor-led training services follow. 

How Does Virtual Instructor-Led Training Work?

An instructor often requires some software tools to make the session impactful and interesting during a VILT session. Let’s take a look at some of the major tools first before discussing the process flow.

  1. Interactive Whiteboard

When speaking of virtual training, the first thing that comes to mind is an interactive whiteboard. Especially for STEM subjects and technical training, the instructors often need a board to solve numerical problems. This requirement is fulfilled by the online whiteboard softwares available. The instructors can easily download them and use them for classes. 

There is another way out, though it may require professional expertise. If the instructors already know the topics they will teach, they can prepare animated whiteboard videos. 

  • Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems help keep track of the attendance, topics completed and yet to be covered, assignments, examinations, and student’s performance. In fact, many new-age learning management systems even allow the instructors to collect fees through their payment gateway.  

  • Video-Conferencing Software

A good VILT training session requires user-friendly video-conferencing software and a stable internet connection from both ends. If these things are not taken care of, it might result in unnecessary hindrance and network glitches during the session.   

Though most of the instructors globally use platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, etc, some virtual instructor-led training services develop customized video conferencing platforms of their own. 

  • Process Flow  

The Online Virtual Instructor-Led Training usually includes the following process flow:

  • First, the user needs to register for the course. 
  • If the instructor uses LMS, they will add the new users to the LMS platform post-registration. 
  • In the LMS, the users usually get access to class routines, study materials, assignments, and other resources. 
  • The users are provided with the link to join classes. 
  • During the class, the instructor might offer digital notes in the form of PPTs or word files. 
  • As the chapters keep completing, the students need to complete the assignments and quizzes related to them simultaneously. 
  • As soon as the student submits the assignment, the instructor gets notified on the LMS. 

Hence, we can see that the LMS is working as a bridge between the instructor and the students here. 

Benefits of Virtual Instructor-Led Training Services 

We all know the benefits of VILT for a student. It provides them with the opportunity to connect with the best instructors globally. They get more flexibility in terms of learning schedules. Their travel requirements also decrease, hence reducing the cost of study. 

But have you ever tried to decipher the benefits of VILT services from the instructor’s point of view? Well, it has multiple benefits for the instructors as well. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Increase Student Base: Using VILT technology, the instructors can easily reach a wide section of students globally. It will lead to a considerable increase in the number of their students. 
  2. Cost-Saving: Since the teachers don’t need to travel to institutions or places of training, it is a cost-saving option for them as well. 
  3. Time-Saving: There is no loss of time in the virtual mode due to delays in travel or other purposes. The tutors are well-aware of the training time and can fully focus on their work during this time frame. 
  4. Increase ROI: Since you don’t need to rent buildings, no need to maintain the infrastructure, and still enjoy a greater number of students, VILT technology can increase your ROI and profits by many folds. 

How Can We Improve the VILT Experience In Future

Though Virtual Instructor-led training services are already quite popular, still, there are scopes for improvement. We have listed some tips to improve the VILT performance below.

  • Make customized video-calling platforms. Such platforms will help you add features that you would like to have in your course. You can add customized tools for on-call quizzes and other features. And if you are not comfortable in doing it yourself, take the help of the professional Virtual Instructor-led training services provider. 
  • When delivering training or education online, a lot depends on the quality and style of instructions. That is why many VILT service providers help you out with suitable instructional designs for your online lessons. 
  • Add as many videos as possible. It helps to increase the attention of the learners. Whiteboard animation gels well with the VILT sessions, though the instructors can add simulation videos for the STEM topics. 


Virtual Instructor-Led Training Services are growing at a rapid pace, and the growth is here to stay. With VILT, the tutors could connect to deserving students sitting at faraway places. The students could get improved quality of courses and more flexibility at a lesser cost. Hence, it has equal advantages for both instructors and learning. 

But the instructors do need some good conferencing tools, whiteboard tools, and an efficient LMS. If they need help, they can approach the professional Virtual Instructor-led training services providers for all their needs.