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The complete guide to the hydraulic excavator

The hydraulic excavator is one of the main machines used in civil construction. Currently, thanks to it, it is possible to speed up the processes at the construction site and, in a few hours, carry out activities that, if done manually, would take days to complete.

Therefore, heavy equipment such as hydraulic excavators is practically indispensable on the construction site. And if they fail, they will certainly hamper progress and may cause delays in the schedule. 

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What is a hydraulic excavator?

A hydraulic excavator is a heavy machine, commonly used in construction and rural areas that, as its name suggests, excavates. Thus, she can remove and carry earth, stones, and rubble, among others.

It is also used for moving materials and products, maintaining access roads to crops, and leveling land, among others.

The hydraulic system makes it have a great digging force. This is possible thanks to the existence of oil pumping to the different pistons of the machine, which, in turn, activate another piston together. Thus, they increase the digging force.

But for all this to work, the hydraulic excavator relies on a combination of several components. Among the main ones are:

  • Chassis;
  • mats;
  • Spear;
  • Bucket.

How does hydraulic excavator work?

The hydraulic excavator is a very useful, robust, and efficient machine. But, so that all this can be offered, it has a very complete system and full of components. So the cost of the machine is high. 

Thus, if you already have a hydraulic excavator or intend to purchase one, it is advisable to also get this machine. After all, large investments are positive and reflect positively on the performance of results. 

But, as with any machine, it can also suffer damage or even an accident during work. Thus, to ensure that the necessary support will be given, the ideal is to have insurance for this equipment that has its performance based on hydraulic systems. 

In short, the oil is pumped to the pistons and this creates a great force, which gathers in a piston and allows the machine to work efficiently. 

This ensures greater vitality of the machines, in addition to allowing them to perform their functions quickly. Thus, it optimizes the working time and speeds up the construction. 

Finally, it is worth noting that there are several tools that can be attached to a hydraulic excavator. Among them, for example:

  • cutting blades;
  • Drill bits;
  • Claws for cutting trees;
  • Sledgehammers for demolition;
  • shredders.

Top models of hydraulic excavators

The hydraulic excavator is ideal equipment for excavation, mining, earth moving, land preparation, stump removal, and even planting. Versatile and always efficient, the heavy machine ended up gaining several models, each with its own particularities and benefits.

However, among them, there are some that stand out the most. See what they are and check out the main models of electric excavators for you to acquire! 

Hydraulic excavator CASE CX180C

This machine is one of CASE Construction Equipment’s models, considered one of the world’s leading construction and infrastructure machinery companies. The company has several models of equipment and these range from 8.4 to 81,000 kg of operating weight.

In the case of the C-series hydraulic excavator, the CX180C model has a gross power of 123.4 hp. In addition, it has an operating weight of 17,711 kg.

In short, it is a hydraulic excavator with low fuel consumption, great durability, lots of power, and speed. This gives it lots of digging force and high swing torque.

Overall, the CX180C model is suitable for medium-sized excavations and light-duty operations. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it has booms, arms, and heavy-duty bucket options.

This bucket is an alternative for heavy services, allowing the adaptation of the machine and ensuring greater durability of the implement. All this is powered by the FPT Industrial engine, with Tier III certification and a Common Rail injection system.

This hydraulic excavator also has a speed reduction device, which increases the life of the machine, as well as generates more savings. After all, if the operator needs to leave the equipment stopped with the engine running, and place the controls in neutral, there will be a reduction in the engine speed. Also, if the excavator continues like this for three minutes, selecting the Auto Shut Down option can turn it off. Consequently, it helps to reduce operating costs.

Another interesting feature of the CX180C is that it has three operating modes, which are: 

  • automatic (Auto);
  • heavy operation (H);
  • priority for speed (SP).

New Holland Construction E175 EVO

The New Holland Construction E175C EVO has a bucket capacity of 1m³ and an operating weight of 17,850 kg. It has updated management software and two centers that provide special features such as:

  • BES (Boom Down Energy Save);
  • AES (Auto Energy Save);
  • SSC (Spool Stroke Control).

In this way, it optimizes the hydraulic flow according to the requirements of use. Thus, the hydraulic excavator can have a better relationship between hydraulic power and operating speed.

The E175C EVO model also has a 120 h electronic engine, which guarantees more economy, durability, robustness, low noise, and low emission. Like the previous model, it also has an automatic shutdown, if it is stopped for three minutes on without use.

To do this, simply program the Shut Down system. Thus, you avoid unnecessary fuel costs. 

This hydraulic excavator has a spacious cabin and is more comfortable than many machines on the market. It also has a reduction in noise levels, which currently have standards similar to automotive standards, around 70 dBa. 

All this, combined with the digital air conditioning system, seat with multiple adjustments, radio with USB port, and cooler for food/beverages.

Finally, it also has an LED panel with a 7-inch screen, which allows for better control of operations.

Caterpillar 318D2 L

It is a small hydraulic excavator from Caterpillar. Have an efficient hydraulic system that is load sensitive. With this, it is able to offer generous flows and pressures for excavation and provide the best possible performance, even during brushing. 

The 318D2 L is powered by a Cat® C4.4 ACERT diesel engine, uses a massive mainframe, and has 125 HP (93 kW) of gross power. In addition, it has an electronically controlled fuel injection system, providing power maintenance combined with better and greater economy.  

This hydraulic excavator allows the use of a hydraulic coupler. With it, the operator changes the tool without having to get out of the cabin. This, in turn, is very spacious, and ergonomic and was designed in such a way as to reduce vibrations and noise as much as possible.

For added safety, when the operator leaves the cab the hydraulic activation lever locks all hydraulic functions. Finally, this model has a wide variety of work tools. Among them, for example:

  • buckets;
  •  compactors;
  • claws;
  • multiprocessors;
  • jackhammers;
  • sprayers;
  •  hammers;
  • scissors, among others.

John Deere 160G LC

This is a mid-size model, which has great lifting capacity and digging force. The John Deere 160G LC model has a comfortable and spacious cabin, which is equipped with an LCD monitor.

It has the Powerwise III system, which ensures the balance between engine performance and hydraulic flow. In addition, it has three working modes, for a more suitable adjustment. 

A highlight is that the optional high-efficiency hydraulic fans are only activated when needed. This helps to reduce noise and minimize fuel consumption.

Hyundai R180LC-9

From Hyundai 9 Series, it has an R180LC-9 diesel engine and simple maintenance. It has an innovative hydraulic system that provides better operational control. The equipment’s power is increased thanks to the manual and automatic Power Boost function. 

The model has a spacious cabin, which provides comfort for the operator, in addition to a wider field of vision.

Like the others, it has a relatively auto course. In this way, it is recommended that the owner take out insurance for this machine, to protect his property. 

Why is insurance for construction machinery important?

All heavy machinery used in construction has a high cost and, of course, can suffer accidents or collisions during use. Therefore, it is important that the owner has  So Clean insurance for construction machinery and equipment.

In this way, you can count on specialized support and coverage that varies according to the contracted plan. Among them:

  • Damage caused by falling, fire, lightning, or vehicle impact;
  • Theft or robbery;
  • Electrical damage: resulting from short circuits or electrical discharges;
  • Payment of equipment rentals in case of covered damages;
  • Civil liability, among others.

Hydraulic excavators at the construction site (applications)

The use of hydraulic excavators is wide, as it is a very versatile equipment. At the construction site it can, for example:

  • Remove debris and waste;
  • Moving earth and rocks;
  • Turn over the land in sanitary landfills; 
  • Dig holes;
  • drill terrain
  • Dig holes.


This is an essential heavy machine in the most different types of work. When used correctly, it can streamline the process and optimize construction time. 

Finally, as with all high-cost and indispensable goods for routine, it is recommended that the owner of a machine with a hydraulic excavator always pay attention to insurance.

After all, unforeseen events happen and, at that moment, nothing better than having specialized support and cost coverage.