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The Canon Pixma Mg2522 Printer Setup Guide

The Canon Pixma MG2522 is an all-in-one inkjet printer with copy and scan capabilities. It is supported by both Windows and macOS. The printer lacks networking features and only supports a direct USB connection. A display panel is also absent. It is an affordable printer that can be used both at home and in a workplace. The initial setup of a Canon printer includes unpacking the printer, downloading the driver, installing the ink cartridges, and placing a stack of paper into the input tray. You may effortlessly print, fax, or scan any document after completing the Canon Pixma MG2522 Wireless Setup. If you need help configuring your Canon Pixma printer at home or at work, read this blog and adhere to the instructions provided.

The setup manual for the Canon Pixma MG2522 printer.

When you receive the Canon Pixma Printer, MG2522 printer from the manufacturer, please make sure it is properly Canon Pixma MG2522 setup. Please unpack the accompanying printer parts after removing the printer’s box. Remove the protective tapes from the printer, position it on a flat surface, plug in the power cable, confirm that the power supply is operational, and then turn the printer on by pushing the power button. Please remove the front head of the printer so you can insert the cartridge. Insert the cartridge into the correct slot. Before printing a test page to see if the printer is configured correctly, please make sure there is enough paper in the input tray and printer’s paper tray.

  • Before you can instal the cartridges and set up the printer’s parameters, you must first unpack your Canon Pixma MG2522 printer.
  • Make sure the printer is well sealed before you unpack it.
  • Unpacking it and moving it closer to the wall socket are the following steps.
  • To configure the printer, plug in the power cable, switch it on, and press the power button.
  • Click “Save” to confirm your selections for the language, country, display date, and time.
  • Open the cartridge access door and wait for the slot to move a little to either side before removing the new cartridge from its box and inserting it into the slot.
  • Try printing to test the printer after completing the aforementioned procedures.

The procedure of setting up your Canon printer is now successfully complete. Both hardware and software can be configured using the aforementioned techniques. During the software installation procedure, you must download the printer driver and connect the printer wirelessly or over Wi-Fi. The document can be printed when the configuration procedure is complete. Print a test page with your Canon PIXMA MG2522 printer. If you have any issues, you may speak with our knowledgeable experts immediately by dialling our hotline number. They will help you.