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The Best Vape Battery Charger of 2022

The Best Vape Battery Charger of 2022

Battery chargers have a few distinct qualities that rely upon a client’s very own inclinations. Vape battery chargers are a priority frill for vapers who favor utilizing powerful gadgets like box and mech mods. They are additionally fundamental for other battery-controlled devices that take high-limit batteries like the 18650s or any similar battery type.

The Smokerolla chargers on this rundown can support a wide assortment of batteries, albeit two are viable, just with 18650 cells. The rest are multi-stage, meaning they can take different cells, yet who also picked them in light of their show, features, sticker cost, and convenience. Purchase now & get 30% off using the Smokerolla Coupon Code & save Your extra cash.

1. Efest Lush Q4 Intelligent LED Battery Charger

Keeping batteries ultimately charged is more straightforward, thanks to this charger. It charges batteries rapidly and proficiently and has an intelligent auto-turned-down highlight that doesn’t overcharge. All things being equal, it stops when the storms arrive at 4.2 volts. This tries not to harm the batteries. The two spaces can charge batteries up to 15,000 cycles, and the charge cycles are precise thanks to steel cathodes and hard chromium plating. A special reward is that it can charge 20700 batteries.


  • Three quick charging modes (0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 amps)
  • Four battery spaces
  • Over-voltage, short out, and invert extremity security
  • Auto cut-off at 4.2 volts
  • Autonomous battery space monitors

2. Efest iMate R4 Intelligent QC

This charger is intended to recharge batteries rapidly with the goal that vapers can return to their gadgets sooner. It has QC quick charging and four separate charging openings that charge at speeds from 0.5 to 3.0 amps. Likewise, every battery is monitored and set autonomously to guarantee the charge cycle finishes according to plan. Even better, the charger is viable with most normally utilized lithium-particle batteries, from 10440s to 21700s, and in the middle.


  • QC quick charging
  • Four charging openings
  • 0.5, 2.0, and 3.0 amp charging speeds
  • Viable with essentially all batteries
  • Autonomous monitoring, all things considered,

3. The Gem Portable JUUL Charger

If making the rounds with a drained Juul battery, recharge it with the Gem Portable Juul charger. It is lightweight and portable, and it has a pivoted plan and an inner 1,000 mah battery that can deal with two re-energizing cycles, at any rate. The charger accompanies a miniature USB charging link and a Juul skin.


  • 1,000 mah battery
  • Type-C charging link
  • Turn to-open charge plan
  • Arbitrary Juul skin

4. Hohm School Charger

This intelligent charger has every one of the vital fancy odds and ends a quality battery charger needs. It has double charging coves, and each has an autonomous chip that can deal with various batteries of various sizes and types thanks to its capacity to change amperage automatically. It additionally has LED lights that show the charging status of every storm and two quick amp charging.


  • Intelligent charger
  • LED indicator lights
  • Two quick amp charging

5. Efest LUC V4

The Efest LUC V4 charger features four battery sounds for a few sorts of cells. It features an automatic LCD so clients can monitor the charge levels of each of the four autonomous cells. The gadget can acknowledge a few classes of lithium-particle as well as lithium-particle manganese batteries. The charger likewise accompanies many wellbeing features like opposite extremity and short-out insurance. The unit likewise accompanies an outside USB port for outer charging.


  • Initiates voltage capability
  • Monitors battery power
  • Utilizes a security caution

6. Efest LUC Blu4

The LUC S2 was one of the principal shrewd LCD chargers to stir things up around town. It got on because it accompanied a few profoundly positive features: a blue LCD showing the charging status, two charging docks, and different security features. These wellbeing features incorporate opposite extremity, hamper, and over-releasing.


  • LCD screen
  • Two charging docks
  • Numerous wellbeing features
  • 1 amp USB yield

How to Charge Vape Batteries

The very best 18650 battery chargers, as well as the very best 20700, 21700, and 26650 battery chargers, accompany standard security features. These features don’t imply that clients ought to overlook fundamental battery security rules. Rules like:

  • Never use or charge batteries with torn, broken, or pulled wraps.
  • Never leave batteries in the charger after they have gotten done with charging (over-charging assurance will tackle this issue, however eliminating total cells is ideal)
  • Ensure the charger is viable with the compound components inside the battery (e.g., lithium-particle, lithium-polymer, NiCad, NiChrome, and so on.)
  • Never force an evil squeezing battery into a space; ensure the cell fits easily.
  • Assuming you have replaceable cells for your mod, charge them in an outside unit; don’t charge them through the gadget’s USB port.

How Long Will Vape Batteries Last?

That answer relies upon the battery, yet for the most part, a portion of a year to one year. As batteries charge, recharge, and drain, the internal factors erode, making them less productive at holding a charge. The more frequently they are recharged, the more limited they will last.