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<strong>The Best Roller Shades Installers in Las Vegas</strong>

The Best Roller Shades Installers in Las Vegas

If you’re looking to add style and functionality to your home or office with blinds, shades, and drapes, you’ll want to hire the best roller shades installers in Las Vegas. The professionals at BDIY Blinds Company are experienced, reliable, and affordable. Their expert roller shades installation services can be trusted to make your dreams come true! For more information on how they can help you, contact BDIY Blinds Company today.

Providing customer service

Our installation team has a lot of experience with all sorts of window coverings, and they take pride in their work. We install roller shades in new construction homes, condos, high rises, and duplexes. They make every effort to be timely and neat.

We can also help you design your home or office with custom roller shades that complement your decor or mood. With our skilled designers on staff, we will bring your dream room to life before your eyes!

What are the typical mistakes people make when buying roller shades?

You need to consider a few different things when shopping for roller shades. For example, do you want solid or patterned? Are they meant to block light or let it through? Do you want them to open from the top, side, or bottom? Would you like one continuous shade that unrolls across your window? What size are the windows for which you’ll be installing your shades? If it’s an odd-sized window and does not have tracks at the top and bottom of each side, will we have to cut them down to fit your particular dimensions? Most people make the mistake of ordering their shades before measuring their windows.

Nowadays you can usually order samples online for free so there is no need to guess about colors and patterns.

How much does it cost to buy roller shades?

Most shade buyers assume that the cost of a new window covering reflects their quality, which isn’t always the case. Window coverings are made from all different materials and can vary greatly depending on who makes them and what they’re made out of. There are also many different kinds of window treatments – blinds, curtains, shutters – that can differ greatly in price, with curtains being more affordable than roller shades for example. Depending on how much you spend on your window coverings, you might only need to budget about $50-$150 per window to install them yourself if you have handyman skills or a family member who’s willing to help out.

How long does it take to get roller shades installed?

One of the most important things to consider when getting your new roller shades installed is how long it will take. You can expect it to take between one and two hours per window, depending on the size of the shade and the difficulty in attaching it to the wall. This can vary if you have thicker windows or sills as well. The experienced contractors at Bdiy Blinds know how to manage this process as efficiently as possible and finish with a result that looks great!

Who installs them ?

BDIY Blinds are experts at installing roller shades. Our showroom carries high-quality roller shades, window coverings, blinds, and shutters. We install many window coverings on behalf of our customers, including roller shades and many more beautiful window treatments.

The benefit of using us to install your roller shades is that we have a wide selection available right in the store so you can pick what you want right away and avoid the hassle of having to order them elsewhere. We offer fast installation so that you get all the style and comfort your family needs with minimal time out of your day! We also do custom-made replacement blinds for those who already have their own window treatments or just want a fresh new look for their space.

Factors you should consider before choosing roller shades

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing window treatments. Whether you need just one window treatment or to update your entire home, roller shades are the perfect solution. Here are some things to keep in mind before investing in these shades:

Materials: There is more than one type of material that can be used for shades and blinds. This is why having a budget is so important because different materials will have different price ranges.

Style: This doesn’t just refer to the color or pattern on your shade, but also how wide you want it rolled up. Choose a width based on how much light you want to filter into your room. You may choose to roll them all the way down if you live in an area with minimal sunlight or if your room has tall ceilings. If you like the natural light coming through, but don’t want any privacy issues, we recommend rolling them halfway down.

Functionality: Whether they’re decorative or purely functional, each style has its own set of pros and cons.

Price: Lastly, consider what kind of price range you’re looking for. While roller shades are less expensive than other types of window treatments, it’s still important to factor in the cost before making a purchase. The experts at BDIY Blinds would love to help you find the best roller shades for your needs.

Choose between cordless or corded roller shades

One of the most popular window treatments available today is roller shades. The cordless roller shade is one of the most preferred styles. Because they are elegant and look more expensive than they really are. When you need to raise or lower your shade, all you have to do is pull them up or down and they roll into place without tangling.

There are a few downsides to cordless roller shades such as increased air conditioning costs. And not being able to block sunlight coming in on winter days. But that doesn’t make them any less desirable than the corded style. Which provides a natural fabric look that blocks sunlight better. At BDIY Blinds we offer different lengths of either type so that you can find exactly what works best for your home at an affordable price.


What is the best time to get shades installed?

There is no right answer to this question because it all depends on your needs and schedule. If you are a working professional, weekends are typically the best time to get your roller shades installed. So you can avoid having to take any time off work. On the other hand, if you have a family or elderly parents who need care 24/7 then evening and weekday installation appointments may be necessary.

Why do I need roller shades?

Roller shades can keep out more light than traditional window coverings, which can save money on your energy bill. In addition, they can offer some soundproofing and block UV rays that cause fading and damage to furniture, artwork, carpets, drapes, and rugs.

How do I know how much my roller shades will cost?

There is no exact price for installing roller shades due to various factors. It includes the size of your windows and the type of product selected. Generally speaking, roller shade prices start at around $200 per window. With some being as high as $500 per window depending on what kind of product you select.

Will installing my own roller shades void my warranty?

No! In fact, we recommend our customers install their own shade whenever possible. Because it helps prevent costly mistakes that could result in scratches or marring on their new fabric materials.

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