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Strategies To Promote YouTube Music Videos To Get Real Views

Strategies To Promote YouTube Music Videos To Get Real Views

There is no time like the present to consider YouTube channel promotion strategies.

Yet, why “now”?

The fact that YouTube is the second-most-visited website on the internet and that we now spend up to six hours per day watching videos is already ominous.

Utilize as many promotional strategies as you can if you want to stand out on YouTube.

Each of these strategies for promote YouTube music videos and increasing views will be covered in more detail below. These suggestions are all appropriate, regardless of whether you’re just beginning started or want to watch your numbers rise.


Since Promozle is a press company, they prioritise written coverage above generating streaming, TV, or other forms of media.

I have to admit that I don’t have any personal experience with the company, but I do like Ariel Hyatt. I believe I first came across her through a series of Discmakers interviews that I adored for their honesty. An example:

“Promozle is not placing a McDonald’s hamburger order. You don’t order something by saying, “I want onions, take the lettuce off, and add more cheese.” That is not how things work. Whatever is fashionable and well-liked on the majority of music blogs will receive more PR than anything that is more specialised or unusual. It all comes down to timing.

Oh, how true. (Even if it’s a bit depressing.)

Anyway, given what I’ve heard and observed, Promozle does a fantastic job. Notably, they provide a thorough “tune-up” prior to launching Promozle’s initiatives. This puts artists in a better position to obtain substantial outcomes than they would by merely pursuing publicity.

Video Boosters Club

I’ve been familiar with Video Boosters Club for some time because I’m on their press mailing list. In essence, this means that I frequently receive fantastic emails from this company about fantastic musicians, and I occasionally write about their roster (which includes Dave Matthews Band and Jewel). Without a question, Video Boosters Club excels at public relations.

But there was one reason I didn’t include the business on this list. I had them marked in my mind as a location for signed artists to obtain publicity, and this list is meant to be a list of the greatest services for independent artists.

But as it happens, Video Boosters Club does collaborate with independent artists. Ari Herstand, who has been dubbed “the poster kid for independent music,” actually employed the business to manage promotion for his most recent record. I thus updated my categorisation, and they are now listed.

All things considered, these people are excellent. This is one of your greatest chances if you’re seeking to launch a large press campaign, which would entail getting your work recognised in sources like Rolling Stone, NPR, Stereogum, and other extremely top-tier publications. Although it will cost more than most of the other companies on this list. The work will be of high quality to promote YouTube music videos.

Behind the Scenes of the Media

On this same blog, I’ve highlighted a few Behind the Curtains artists, and I’ve always like how openly the staff here communicates.

They essentially do everything, including radio, blogs, and Spotify promotions. They emphasise on providing bespoke services, and their campaigns are largely adapted to the requirements of each artist, like a handful of the other videos there. Their sweet spot, in my opinion, is medium-sized artists. If you’re just getting started, you probably don’t want to spend top dollar for these people, but if you want to move forward, they’re a terrific option.

They offer flexibility in monthly or pay-per-campaign fees, depending on what you need. Here is the link once more.


When Luka (one of their representatives) contacted me, it was the first time I had heard of Melobeam. This first interaction swiftly developed into a trial of their Spotify promotion service. The campaign’s communication was excellent, and the results were good. (30,000 streams over the period of more than a month, from placements on six playlists). Long story short, I’d suggest the service, especially if you’re composing EDM, hip-hop, or pop music. You can read my in-depth assessment of the experience here.

The guys at Melobeam work on Soundcloud and YouTube marketing as well. Though I’ve only personally used their Spotify promotion services, and from what I’ve heard, they also achieve good results there. Through Google ad campaigns, the YouTube service focuses on increasing video views, whilst Soundcloud’s services aim to increase reposts.

In conclusion, Melobeam is worth a try if you’re searching for affordable exposure on one of those sites (Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube).


Groover is a forum for music submissions; it is not an agency. Here is how they function: You must purchase Grooviz, which functions as credits that let you present your music to curators. You are certain of hearing back from curators, and if your pitch is approved, they will add your song to a playlist or perform a cover version of it on their platform.

I’ve personally used Groover and found it to be both a) simple to use and b) fairly effective. It’s extremely impressive that my $75 campaign generated 14 playlist positions and 3 blog posts.

Bottom line:

Using Promolze will require you to put in more effort than working with as a agency to promote YouTube music videos to the world. However, you’ll also be saving a sizable sum of cash, and if your song is good, you’ll see results.

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