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SEO consultant: who he is, what he does and how to choose the best one for you

SEO consultant: who he is, what he does and how to choose the best one for you

That of the SEO consultant, within the vast world of web marketing, represents an important figure who can make an online business leap in quality.

As beautiful and functional as a website or an eCommerce may be, conversions and the achievement of marketing objectives come to the fore in obtaining target traffic.

A website that does not generate traffic is like an iceberg adrift in the immense world of the web. In order to buy a product, or request a service, target users must first learn about it.

The purpose of SEO is precisely to ensure that a project gains visibility through search engines.

A clarification: generally speaking of SEO, attention falls exclusively on Google, but some clarifications must be made.

In the Western market, especially in Italy, Google occupies a completely preponderant market share among search engines.

Any SEO visibility strategy cannot therefore ignore the Mountain View search engine (indeed often any strategy begins and ends with Google).

In the image below you can see the market shares of the various search engines for Italy in the last 12 months. The great power of Google is not in question at the moment (market share over 96%).

A different speech, however, must be made if we look at the rest of the world. In the United States, Bing’s market shares are more consistent (although still negligible compared to Google).

However, the speech becomes interesting when we move to analyze countries such as Russia and especially China.

In Russia, Google divides its market shares about in half with the Russian engine Yandex.

In China, however, the role of the search engine founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin is currently marginal. In fact, in the country of the dragon the bulk of the market shares are occupied by the “local” Baidu engine.

Having made this clarification on the fact that SEO, at least internationally, is not just Google, let’s go back to focusing on the figure of the SEO consultant.

So let’s see who he is, what he does, what skills he should have and how to choose the best consultant for your business.

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Who is the SEO Consultant

The SEO consultant is the figure who plans and implements the SEO activities necessary for a website to gain visibility in organic searches on Google.

The skills of the SEO consultant, strictly speaking, do not include advertising on search engines (for example Google ADS, the old AdWords).

The purpose of the SEO activities is therefore to make the customer’s site appear as high as possible in the targeted organic searches.

The game for visibility is inevitably played at least on the first page of Google (it is difficult for users to “venture” to the second page, except for niches and special cases).

Even on many SERPs being on the front page is not enough, as the bulk of the traffic is played in the upper part of the results.

Today SEO has changed a lot compared to the past. In the first years of Google’s dizzying growth, SEO positioning was certainly “easier”.

There was much less competition and the engine was based on less refined algorithms than today. Manipulating the search results was therefore certainly easier.

The first SEOs were actually developers or webmasters who, along the way, understood how the search engine worked and how to exploit its specific characteristics to their advantage.

In recent years, the debate on the “death” of SEO has raged and therefore on how effective investing in it can still be today.

As long as search engines exist, it will always be necessary to optimize a project for them.

However, today’s SEO has become more complex, crossing technical and infrastructural aspects of a web project, with elements related to marketing and human interactions.

The “perfect” SEO consultant today should therefore possess transversal skills, both technical and marketing, compensating for any gaps with the help of other figures. But let’s see what are the specific activities of an SEO Company in Mumbai.