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Requirements for rental car insurance

Requirements for rental car insurance

Car insurance is one of the most popular topics on the internet today. It seems like everyone has some sort of blog that they post on to get some extra traffic. Car insurance articles are all over the internet – they’re just a few good examples. This blog is not really about car insurance (unless you want to), but rather about how to write an informative article on a specific topic.

What do you need to rent a car?

  • Driving license
  • I.D
  • Credit card
  • Rental car insurance

Tips for renting a car

Are you going on a trip and need a rental car? Today many people have a vehicle with which to travel from one place to another, but it is also true that there are many who prefer traveling by plane or train for its speed and comfort. Despite this, most of the time a rental car is needed either to reach the final destination or to be able to make excursions in the area that you want to know.

There are more and more car rental companies on the market and all of them impose a series of very similar conditions when a customer accesses one of the vehicles in their fleet.

What do you need to rent a car?

In order to correctly organize your trip and avoid last-minute surprises, you should know that there are several requirements that must be met if you want to access a rental car.

Driving license

It is the number one requirement, since, obviously, in order to drive a car you need a valid driving license. Of course, most car rental companies require, in general, at least one year of seniority on the license (some ask for two) and that you are 21 years old.


It is the document that proves in Spain that we are who we says we are. In other words, the document that proves our identity and that is required for many procedures in our country, including renting a car.

Credit card

And we say credit and not debit or bank card in general because it is usual for car rental companies to require a credit card in the name of the person who is going to be the driver of the vehicle to guarantee the rental operation. It may also happen that some rental companies ask for a security or cash deposit.

Rental car insurance

To be able to drive around with your rental car insurance, it is essential to have good car insurance. You have to be especially careful when choosing your insurance, since an unforeseen event may ruin our vacations. We know that compulsory insurance is the one that covers Civil Liability, but clearly this would be insufficient for our rental car. Likewise, we must not err on the side of excess and we must patiently and carefully read all the conditions of the insurance that the company offers us because it may include extras that we do not need and that will mean a higher outlay for our insurance.

The most advisable thing could be to choose an all-risk insurance without excess. Keep in mind that, if third-party insurance is chosen and your rental car is damaged by an accident without a contrary, you will have to fix it and pay for it out of pocket. On the other hand, if you have good comprehensive insurance, you know that you will always be covered, both you and your car as well as any third party that you may cause damage to. Choosing this insurance may involve a slightly higher outlay on your rental car, but it guarantees you maximum peace of mind during your vacation.

Tips for renting a car

Now that we know the necessary requirements to be able to rent a car. We recommend you pay attention to the following tips. So as not to have any unforeseen events with your rental car on your vacation.

  • Contract. Read the terms of the rental agreement carefully to make sure it includes everything you need.
  • Vehicle type. Do not settle for the first vehicle offered for rent. Ask them to show you the types of cars available so that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your trip and yours as a driver.
  • Check the car. When the vehicle is deliver to you, check the car carefully, both outside and inside, to inform the company if you notice any damage. If you don’t, when you return the car you will have to pay for it. Since everything will point to the fact that you were responsible.
  • Gas. You must return the car with the same amount of fuel with which it was deliver to you.
  • Mileage. It is advisable to pay a little more to rent a car without a mileage limit. Because if you do not do it and you go over the contracted kilometers. You will have to pay for the excess, which is often more expensive than contracting the unlimited mileage directly.
  • Damage. If the rental car suffers any damage, the driver will be responsible for dealing with its repair. Therefore, a correct choice of car insurance that allows you to travel with peace of mind during your vacation is essential.
  • Driving abroad. If you are going to drive a car outside the European Union, you must apply for an international driving permit. You can do it at any traffic office by appointment or from the DGT website. Before traveling abroad, you must inform yourself of all the requirements to drive in your destination country.
  • Violations. Be careful when driving, respect traffic signs and speed limits. The rental company will refer you to any penalty. That may be apply to you for the days in which you have enjoyed the car. They will be in charge of giving all your data to the DGT so that the fine can be process. In addition, you must bear in mind. That many rental companies charge for this procedure since it is an extra to their services.


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