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QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open: The Most Reliable Guide

QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open: The Most Reliable Guide

Every QB Desktop user frequently accesses the company files for completing various business projects, and therefore, any problem that arises while accessing the company file frustrates the user immensely.

Generally, users have to struggle with the ‘QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open’ error message each time they fail to access the company file, and they often wonder about the possible reasons for this annoying error.

Here’s the blog that will guide you to solve this problem in an easy and reliable manner.

To get instant technical guidance for QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open Issue, you can dial 1.855.738.2784 to reach out to our QB Support Team.

Company File Not Opening in QuickBooks: Fundamental Reasons

The various factors behind the Company File Not Opening in QuickBooks are described below:

  • Each company file (.QBW extension) is stored in a unique folder, and if that folder itself is corrupt, then you may have to face huge problems while accessing the .QBW file.
  • Other prominent reasons for this issue include corruption within the .ND and .TLG files, older QB application versions, and wrong hosting settings if the .QBW file is hosted on a network.

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How to Eradicate the Company File Not Responding in QB Desktop Issue Effortlessly?

Here’re the methods that will enable you to rectify the Company File Not Responding in QB Desktop Issue:

Method 1: Immediately assign new names to both configuration files (.ND and .TLG) to ensure full extirpation of this problem

  • Firstly, you need to carefully locate the company file (.QBW) folder, and then you should right-click on the .ND as well as .TLG files that are present within that folder.
  • To initiate the renaming process, it is mandatory to hit the ‘Rename’ button, and then you can put a word like ‘oldbotfile’ to the very end of both file’s names as per this illustration: ‘comp_deskappl.qbw.nd.oldbotfile’ and ‘comp_deskappl.qbw.tlg.oldbotfile’.
  • When you have put the required word to the end of both file’s names, you can save the newly-allotted names just by tapping the ‘Enter’ key, and thereafter, you can successfully log into your desired .QBW file through the QB application.

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Method 2: Straight away resolve this issue by accessing your company file from a new location (like Windows Desktop) on the system

  • To effectively shift the .QBW file, you just have to proceed to the folder where it is currently located, and then you need to immediately hit the ‘Copy’ option after you have right-clicked on its correct icon.
  • The company file (.QBW extension) will now be copied, and you should hop to your Windows Desktop to right-click anywhere on the screen, and after that, you must hit the ‘Paste’ option so that the copied .QBW file is pasted on the Desktop.
  • Now, you can tap and constantly hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key on the keyboard while launching the QB Desktop on your computer, and you will notice that a new window with the name ‘No company open’ turns up on your screen.
  • You should jump to that window and immediately click on the ‘Open or restore an existing company’ tab to successfully open the company file that you have pasted on your Windows Desktop.

These were the effective step-wise methods to ensure complete rectification of the QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open Issue. If you desire more technical help regarding this problem or any other error, just dial 1.855.738.2784 to contact our QB Experts Team.

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