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Pendulum Pose & Chakki Chalanasana Yoga Method, Benefits and Precautions

What is Pendulum Pose? Pendulum pose is also called Dolsana in Sanskrit where Dol means ‘swing’ or ‘oscillation’. That’s why this asana is also known as ‘The Swinging Pose’ or ‘Pendulum Pose’ in English, there are many benefits of doing this yoga pose. Here what will be mentioned about the simple method, benefits and precautions of this asana.

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Pendulum Pose Method:

  • Stand straight with your feet about 1 metre apart.
  • Raise your arms up and interlock your fingers at the back of the neck.
  • Try to bring your elbows to the side.
  • Turn your upper body to the right.
  • Keep your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Lean forward and touch your head with your right knee.
  • Stay in the bent position and try to touch your left knee.
  • Then swing back on the right knee.
  • Repeat this swinging oscillation 3 times in each direction.
  • Then return to standing position.
  • This is 1 round.
  • Repeat the second round, but this time leaning to the left first.

How to Breathe in Pendulum Pose:

  • Leaning forward while exhaling.
  • Hold your breath as you swing.
  • While inhaling, raise your body.
  • Try to relax the muscles of the lower back, keeping awareness on the movement and breathing.

Benefits of Pendulum Pose:

  • Here are some important benefits of this asana.
  • This asana gives the same basic benefits as Trikonasana.
  • It has a specific effect on spinal nerves and lower back muscles.
  • This is a very good asana to perform more difficult and forward bending postures such as Paschimottanasana and Janu Shirshasana.
  • Its regular practice calms the mind and gives relief from headache, insomnia and fatigue.
  • Practising pendulum pose increases circulation in the brain.
  • This yoga pose helps in treating lower back ailments like sciatica
  • Regular practice of pendulum mudra improves digestion and also helps in getting rid of constipation.
  • With regular exercise, you can also get rid of flat feet.

Pendulum Pose Caution:

  • Try not to bend your legs during the entire exercise.
  • Even if you are unable to touch the feet, try to bring your head to your knees.
  • At the same time, keep in mind that you only lean forward as much as your body’s flexibility allows.
  • Do not practice dolsan or pendulum pose if you are suffering from high blood pressure.
  • Do not practice pendulum pose if you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Pregnant women should also not practice dolsan or pendulum pose.
  • Do not force yourself to touch the head with the knee while practicing this asana.

Chakki Chalanasana Yoga

What is Chakki Chalanasana Yoga?

Chakki Chalanasana Yoga is made up of three words where “Chakki” means “grinding”, “Chalana” means “movement” and “Asana” means “yoga practice”. This asana is called Churning the Mill Yoga Pose in English. With regular practice of this asana, you feel energetic. Although the practice of Chakki Chalanasana has been going on since ancient times, very little would have been known to the people about its benefits. It is a wheeled device used by Indian women to grind flour or grind corn. This is a great exercise for the shoulders, massages the lower back, lower abdomen and waist. Today we will mention here about the method, benefits and precautions of Chakki Chalanasan.

Chakki Walkasana Method-

  • First of all, spread your legs and sit on the floor.
  • Interlock your fingers.
  • Straighten your arms at shoulder height.
  • Roll your hands into as big circles as you can.
  • While exhaling, try to bring your hands outside the toes by rotating them clockwise on the horizontal plane.
  • While inhaling, try to bring your hands as far back as possible by rotating them anti-clockwise.
  • Keep in mind, while doing this, the circle of the hands should be bigger than the biggest.
  • Do this ten times clockwise and ten times anti-clockwise.

Benefits of Chakki Chalanasana-

  • The biggest advantage of this asana is that it plays an important role in reducing your belly fat. And at the same time reduces belly fat.
  • Its practice exercises the pelvic area, which makes your waist flexible.
  • Helps make your spine flexible
  • It is effective in treating insomnia and helps you sleep.
  • Chakki Chalanasana helps in increasing concentration and with regular practice the thinking process becomes very clear and precise.
  • Its practice helps to open the chest and waist.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the uterus of women.

Breathing pattern in Chakki Chalanasana-

  • Breathe in as you lean back.
  • Exhale as you lean forward.
  • Keep in mind that during the entire yoga practice, you inhale slowly and exhale slowly.

Chakki Chalanasana Yoga Precautions-

This asana should not be done in the following conditions

  • pregnant women
  • high blood pressure
  • low blood pressure
  • slip disc
  • back pain
  •  hernia
  • surgery