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Ogymogy Keystroke Logging Software: One Solution To Many Problems

Ogymogy Keystroke Logging Software: One Solution To Many Problems

A keystroke logging software is used for legitimate purposes like checking your teen’s phone or keeping eye on an inefficient employee. It is explained as recording every stroke, a person is applying on his phone or laptop. In the world of Microsoft, its use is very common when it comes to employers checking their employee’s devices.

It’s like people are talking to their phone and you are listening whole conversation word by word. Isn’t it amazing that your employee is trying to dodge you and you are aware of it? Or your kid is not telling you the truth but you know all that they are going through.

OgyMogy keystroke logging software provides you with several options by which you can catch an unfaithful employee and a confused daughter or son who is in an abusive relationship. Moreover, you can also observe who is leaking your secrets to destroy the reputation of your company. Let’s read about the amazing services it provides.

Safe Supervision of Kids

How do you supervise kids safely with the help of keyloggers? Nice question. Just continue reading. You never know what your kids are typing on their phones and laptops. What kind of conversations they are doing with their friends? Are they using sensible words while talking or not? And above all of it are they talking to the strangers?  All concerns will be nicely covered by this amazing app.

Monitor Employee Productivity

Monitor your employee’s productivity at the office during work hours and check whether he is adding value to your corporate or just wasting the company’s precious time? In that case, you can hire new people on time.

Some people have this habit of searching unnecessary websites and not doing work properly. In that case, you will know each letter they are typing and act accordingly.

Email Monitoring of Employees

Many unfaithful employees sell the secrets of their company to the other corporates for the sake of money or in enmity.

They send the company’s precious documents in emails to the other company. In that case, you can take notice immediately and fire such persons who are just putting your company’s status down.

Monitor Websites

In this digital world, people have this habit of searching for something new every other minute. Kids might search for those websites that are age-inappropriate for them. Watching such stuff can cause them emotional and mental harm. The OgyMogy keylogging software can provide you with all the information that your kid is typing on his device.

See What Your Kids are Typing Via Social Media

Social media is the biggest culprit when it comes to cyberbullying and harassment. The ratio is increasing day by day.

Because the kids are still in their phase of learning and they commit mistakes. But what you can do is to keep eye on their activities and guide them properly.

Monitor Instant Messenger

Monitor your kid’s instant messenger and see what kind of language they are using while talking to their friends and strangers.

Because only following good ethics can reform their personality. If they will be bad at their words, they can never be a good person.

Record Clipboard Writings

Record the writings on the clipboard pad with the help of this super amazing software. Your kid might put his heart out there in a clipboard pad and you may not be aware of his feelings.

So, get closer to your kid by knowing all.

Blocking Websites

Besides its keylogging functions, this amazing tool can block certain websites that are unnecessary to use at a workplace and your employee is spending too much time on it.

Check Any Unauthorized Activity on the Device

If someone has got control over your device and you are noticing an unauthorized activity on it then you can immediately take notice as you will be updated about all that is happening through this amazing software. So, it also saves you from the hacker’s attack.

The keystroke feature can give you timely alerts about any cyber attack.

So, if you want to keep your eyes on a slacked worker or a spoiled kid, download the best keystroke logging software OgyMogy.You will be amazed by the other interesting features offered by the spy app.