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North Hills Primary Care Physicians | Health Care Clinic

Health is an important aspect of life. That is why when you seek, you look for the best health care facility to get high quality and affordable treatment. Among the best health care facilities in Los Angeles is North Hills urgent care clinic. This facility offers the best health care services offered by licensed primary care physicians. In this post, we are going to learn more about a primary care physician north hills and what is yet to do at North Hills Walk-In Clinic in Los Angeles, CA. 

What is primary care? 

Before we understand the health care services offered by primary care physicians, let’s explain to you what primary care is. Primary care refers to the initial point of contact between the health care system and patients. Urgent care is all about providing patients with the right information concerning their health. Primary care is usually provided by medical professionals who are conversant with the psychological, social, and physical illness of patients. 

In other words, primary care physician North Hills deals with health care holistically. If you are dealing with any health care issues, your very first point of contact will be a primary care physician. Medical practitioners who offer primary care are known as GPs or general practitioners. Other primary care physicians who offer primary care include community pharmacists, dentists, and opticians. The role of a primary care physician north hills is to ensure that health care is easily accessible at affordable rates. 

Who is an ideal primary care practitioner? 

In the medical care industry, there are numerous practices. These practices are perform by different healthcare professionals. We have laid down a few examples of primary care physicians that you are likely to find at North Hills urgent care clinic.

Family physicians

Family physicians are medical professionals who have undergone extensive training to offer high quality health care services such as treatments, diagnosis, and preventative treatments. We have undergone extensive medical training that allows them to offer health care services to everyone in the family, including kids, infants, toddlers, teenagers, and adults. They can perform minor surgeries, treat minor injuries, carry out physicals, and administer vaccines or immunization. 


Another medical professional that belongs to the primary care physicians category is an internist doctor. This kind of primary care physician North Hills has the expertise to deal with medical and health concerns such as treatment, diagnosis, and preventative treatment. They only deal with all kinds of medical and health concerns that deal with adults of all ages. Treating children is not part of their role in medicine. 


A doctor who treats children and addresses healthcare concerns that deal with children, babies, infants, and teenagers. They can diagnose all kinds of illnesses and injuries that have affected children. 


In the medical fraternity, there are doctors who are trained specifically to treat older adults. These types of primary care physicians are known as geriatricians. There are those who deal with specific age-related medical conditions and those who address health concerns in patients of a certain age. 

Obstetrician/gynecologist (OB-GYN)

There are also doctors who specialize in providing productive health to women. These primary care physicians are called Ob-gynes. They provide health care services to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. 

Nurse practitioners

We also have medical practitioners called nurse practitioners. They have undergone extensive treatment to offer preventive, diagnostic, and treatment of various illnesses and injuries. They can also prescribe medication, assist patients in following through with their treatment plans and create suitable treatment plans. 


If you are facing any kind of medical and health care concerns, your first point of contact will be a primary care north hills. Primary care is important because it allows doctors to diagnose and establish what you are suffering from. Primary care physicians north hills urgent care have undergone extensive medical training to address various kinds of medical and health care concerns.

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