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Make Peace with Your Knees with Cycling

Make Peace with Your Knees with Cycling

Cycling is undoubtedly one of the best exercises. It is also one of the cheapest modes of transport. Cycles have existed for very long now. But so is knee pain. 

Knee pain is a condition most people in India suffer from. Daily life can become difficult if you face slight discomfort or a severe knee condition. The knee joint is the largest joint in the body. This joint acts as a hinge. Therefore, you can easily sit, jump, or squat. 

Knee Pain: Causes

Knee pain can occur due to an injury, ageing, or a medical condition. While injuries can rupture or tear ligaments, medical conditions such as arthritis and infections can also cause severe knee pains. The following are some of the reasons for knee pains. 

  • Injuries: Injuries are the most common reasons for knee pains among athletes. A tear in the ligament or a rupture in the cartilage that can cause knee pain. An inflammation of the tendons can also shoot severe pain up the knee. Did you know that there is a shock absorber between your shinbone and thighbone? It is called the meniscus. When the meniscus gets hurt, torn, or injured, it can also cause severe discomfort in the knee. 
  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Millions of people suffer from it. Arthritis happens when the cartilage at the end of bones wears down. Rheumatoid arthritis is another one that affects the knees. In this form of arthritis, the immune system attacks its tissues. Therefore, the tissues in the joints get affected which causes knee pain. 
  • Obesity: Obesity can easily be the cause of knee pains. Excessive weight gain can put a lot of pressure on the knee. Hence, it decreases the strength of the lower muscles in the body. A sedentary lifestyle where the knee joints are not much in use can also be the cause. 
  • IT band syndrome: This is the syndrome that affects cyclists the most. A band starts from the outside of the hip and reaches the knee. This band is called the iliotibial band. When the IT band gets irritated and rubs against the thigh bone, it can cause knee pain. 


Whatever the reason, knee pains need immediate attention, especially for cyclists. It is never advisable to ride a bike with a sprained knee. However, cycling is one of the best exercises to keep your knees healthy. Regular cycling makes your knees more flexible and strengthens them. 

The following are some precautions people who enjoy cycling can take to avoid knee pain. 

  • Knee pads: Even if your knees are healthy, it is always good to take care. Therefore, a regular cyclist should wear knee pads. Knee pads protect your knees by cushioning them. So, in case of an accident or a minor fall, your knees will stay safe. 
  • Posture: Always keep in mind to have the right posture while cycling. It would be best if you bought a cycle supporting your posture to do this. Bad posture affects the knees while cycling. 
  • Go slow: Cycling is an enjoyable activity. It is one of those few workouts that people have fun doing. Hence, people who are new to the world of cycling often ride for too long at a time. Sometimes, in an attempt to burn more calories, people ride too fast. Speed and time should be increased gradually. Therefore, start slow. Build your endurance and strength. Only then can you push your limits to reach new heights of success. 
  • Warm-up: This is the most important step and also the most ignored one. Warming-up exercises enhance your riding experience. It eases your connective tissues. Cooling down sessions is as important as warming up. 
  • Saddle: Invest in a good cycle saddle. It is one of your five contact points with the bicycle. The other two points are the handles and the pedals. An uncomfortable saddle results in bad posture. Bad posture results in more pressure on your knees. Therefore, ensure you have a cycle seat that is neither too low nor too high. 

How to Treat Cycling-Related Knee Pain

Knee pains are never easy. Cycling knee pain can stop you from enjoying your favourite activity. However, you can try the following methods and exercises for self-treatment.  

  • Rest: If you are new to cycling, your knees may hurt. It can also be because you are overworking yourself. Your joints may not be used to the movements of cycling. Hence, it would be best if you took it slow. 
  • Shoes: Normal or running shoes might not be a good choice for cycling. Cycling shoes are specially designed with a stiff bottom to avoid pain, numbness, and cramps. Like you can buy cycle online, and you can buy good shoes too. 
  • Cold and hot packs: Ice therapy and hot packs can improve blood circulation. They also help in reducing inflammation. Therefore, use an ice pack or a heat pack for your knee pains.


Cycling is an all-inclusive activity. You develop a good posture, get fresh air, burn fat, and increase your overall health. Therefore, it is always a smart choice to invest in a bicycle. Choose the best brand of bicycle online India for the best results.