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Look at these factor why you need corporate wellness program Malaysia !

Look at these factor why you need corporate wellness program Malaysia !

Sometimes it seems like life is a series of impossible decisions. Do you want to go to bed so you can wake up rested or binge-watch that addicting show on Netflix? Do you want to take the time to work out or complete your daily to-do list? Eat something wholesome or anything delectable? Spend money on your staff or save it for your company?

If your business is having trouble with the last one, a corporate wellness program Malaysia can be the solution. There shouldn’t be a trade-off for employers between maintaining their budgets and providing for their staff.

Corporate wellness initiatives are company-led efforts to support staff in maintaining their physical and emotional health and forming good lifestyle habits. They frequently include incorporate educational elements to support everything from disease and stress management to substance misuse and smoking cessation, as well as incentives to encourage employees toward a healthy diet and physical fitness.

The financial relief that corporate wellness programmes can offer to businesses has helped them become very popular during the past ten years. Effective programmes, however, bring about much more than just financial gains.

Here are seven justifications for why your business requires a corporate wellness programme.

Corporate wellness initiatives cut down on medical expenses.

Sedentary lifestyles, bad behaviours, and high levels of stress have contributed to an epidemic of chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease over the past fifty years. Corporate wellness initiatives that are effectively thought out encourage members to actively strive toward avoiding health issues completely, managing chronic conditions, and forming healthy behaviours. Together, these factors can encourage people to lead healthier lives and reduce their overall health care costs.

1.Lower Medical Care Costs

Of course, preventing illness lowers health care costs, but corporate wellness programmes are renowned for assisting staff members who do already have chronic illnesses in managing them before serious difficulties arise. Medical emergencies end up costing businesses and employees much more money than routine medical care and health measures.

2.Lower prices for health insurance.

Health insurance can be quite expensive for businesses. However, if businesses want to hire the greatest people, they must offer adequate health insurance because it is a priceless negotiating tool for attracting and keeping top talent. Integrating a strong corporate wellness programme that lowers risk to your employees gives you negotiation power with big health insurance carriers because insurance premiums are based on risk for health problems.

3.Less time off for illness and absenteeism.

When your staff members are fit and healthy, they don’t need as many sick days or time off for doctor’s appointments. Corporate wellness initiatives can lower the expenses associated with lost productivity.

~Productivity gains.

Corporate wellness initiatives can improve productivity among your staff.

4.Less absenteeism.

Although absenteeism obviously reduces production, “presenteeism,” or working while sick, is considered to really cost businesses much more each year (1). Quality work cannot be accomplished by an individual who is physically there but not in the right frame of mind or heart, whether they are experiencing pain, general malaise, or sadness. Even the act of being ill while at work can exacerbate its consequences, increasing presenteeism and decreasing productivity. Corporate wellness initiatives can reduce physical and mental health problems that cause presenteeism and boost productivity.

Happy workers equals to healthy workers.

Nothing is better than when a business has a reputation for being a fun place to work. When you treat your staff nicely, you can accomplish this more easily. Putting in place a corporate wellness programme that clearly conveys the value of your employees’ welfare will result in contented workers whose recommendations will help your company gain this reputation.

5.A rise in morale.

Employees are happier when they are not bothered about their health or the cost of their healthcare. Employees that are happier perform better at work and have better attitudes.

6.More Loyalty.

Those who care about them are valued by people. A corporate wellness programme makes it very evident that your business cares about the wellbeing of its workers. Even just that thought can grow into a feeling of loyalty to the business. This is crucial in a society where the majority of millennials anticipate changing employment every three years (2). Companies need to provide good employees with incentives to stay past finishing tasks or climbing the corporate ladder if they want to keep them.

7.Deeper Connections and Individual Responsibility

Employee contacts go beyond regular email and meeting collaboration as they pursue personal objectives, compete for rewards, and adopt healthy lifestyles alongside their coworkers. As a result, ties between staff members and their coworkers, clients, and the business as a whole are strengthened and a team spirit is developed. These more intimate connections have a greater positive impact on loyalty and may eventually improve individual accountability for the company’s success.

Even though we frequently feel as though we are in a difficult situation, it is reassuring to know that occasionally we may come up with solutions that allow for the best of both worlds. Therefore, even if you may still have to decide between sleeping in tomorrow morning and watching four hours of Orange is the New Black tonight, at least you aren’t forced to choose between spending less money and taking care of your staff.

Physical activity is a crucial part of lowering the chance of developing chronic health issues, so keep that in mind as you consider implementing a workplace wellness programme. By implementing Engagelife into your programme, you can set targets for physical activity and spare your employees the stress of having to make a difficult decision. Without causing them to miss work, Engagelife can assist employees in becoming more fit. For prices on bulk orders, contact us today!