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Learn how to make video tutorials for your company

The video tutorial is one of the company’s most used learning tools since they allow complex processes to be explained in a simple and creative visual way. It involves recording your screen as you work, editing the process, and adding a supporting voiceover. They are highly recommended for companies that develop software and use technical terminology.

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This article will show you the process of planning and carrying out video tutorials for your company, from capturing the idea on paper, writing a script, and recording to using a video editor.

The objective of video tutorials is to teach an audience, for example, the operation of a specific software program. Among the advantages that we find in this type of tool is the transmission of knowledge entertainingly and effectively. As well as its ease of distribution and reproduction on the network.

Planning and objectives

First, you must make a plan and include the objectives you want to achieve, what the audience is for the tutorial, what is the topic to be developed, and what will be the best way to explain it.

Research the theme

It is necessary to conduct an in-depth investigation and collect quality information on the subject or the program you will explain in case any doubts arise. Do not forget to take into account the audience to which the tutorial is directed since an experienced audience is not the same as a beginner.


Next, you must outline and describe the content of the tutorial. At this point, writing a technical script will be of great help. In it, you will be able to organize the sequences of the images, the sound, the voiceover, the transactions, and the estimated times of each thing. This will help you use the video editor,  speeding up time and work.

The explanatory text you must record to accompany the images must include a clear and direct introduction to the subject. It is necessary to expose the concepts and unambiguously. To close, it is essential to include a conclusion and add questions that invite you to continue thinking about the topic.


It’s time to record your screen while you’re working. There are several software on the net to record tutorials, and it is recommended to use one with a built-in video editor to facilitate the post-production task.

It would help if you also recorded the voiceover that will accompany the tutorial. An excellent portable microphone will allow you to obtain clear, clean audio. Remember to speak clearly and understandably. The messages must be fluid and at a good pace to be pleasant to listen to.


The next step will be editing, in which we will use the video and sound editor that we have previously downloaded. Do not forget to have the script at hand to follow the steps and order the images, videos, graphics, text blocks, voiceover, music, and sound effects. Finally, we include the titles, subtitles, headers or footers of photos. To differentiate and emphasize certain keywords, different colors, fonts or font sizes can be used.

Save and upload the video

The last step is to save the tutorial in the format you want or upload it to one of the online platforms to share it later.

As we can see, creating a tutorial with quality and engaging content is an excellent investment alternative to improve your company’s competence and train your employees.

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