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Is Platinum a Suitable Metal For An Engagement Ring?

Is Platinum a Suitable Metal For An Engagement Ring?

Have you found that special person you want to spend the rest of your life with? The icing on the cake is to look for that perfect engagement ring to propose to get. Choosing an engagement ring always poses a challenge. However, with the right information, you will make the right choice to pick the perfect engagement ring. You need to find out more about the value and the characteristics of the engagement ring you are eyeing for. 

Even though there are plenty of metals that are used to design engagement rings, there are only two metals that always stand out. These two types of metals are platinum and white gold. They almost look the same, but they have different qualities that define their value. Platinum stands out as the best metal for making engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. There are many benefits that platinum has to offer. Let’s look at some of them as outlined in this post. 

What Makes Platinum the Best Metal for Making Engagement Rings? 

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So far, platinum has proved to be the best metal for designing engagement rings because of several reasons. Let’s find out what they are. 

Purity Of Platinum

Compared to white gold and other metals, platinum has stood out to be the purest of all metals. What usually gives white gold engagement rings that silvery-white color is the several metals that are mixed with gold to make an alloy. Nickel, copper, or silver are often combined with gold to make it strong and durable. What gives white gold its white silvery look is the rhodium plating. 

On the other hand, platinum has an original white silvery look. This means that it is not mixed with other metals to look that way. It is pure metal used for designing all kinds of jewelry pieces, especially engagement rings. Platinum engagement rings are usually 90% to 95% pure. That’s why many couples prefer them. 

Platinum is a Hypoallergenic Metal 

There are many qualities that platinum poses. Among them is its hypoallergenic nature. While other metals often cause skin irritations due to allergies, platinum doesn’t. This is one major quality that makes platinum an ideal metal for designing engagement rings. 

White gold, on the other hand, is not a hypoallergenic metal and may cause allergic reactions such as skin irritations. It is a mixture of metals that may include copper, which often causes skin irritations. Therefore, if you are looking for the best metal to design your engagement ring, platinum metal is the best option. 

Bright White and Beautiful 

Platinum is naturally white, bright, and beautiful. This means it doesn’t require other metal to give that unique look. If you are into bright jewelry, then platinum engagement rings are the best options. Platinum is more valuable than white gold and what often contributes to this is its white bright look. White gold may look white because it is a mixture of other metals. Nickel and rhodium are the two metals responsible for the white silvery look. Regular plating needs to be done regularly to maintain the white silvery look in white gold. 


If you value your comfort in a jewelry piece, platinum will give you that. Platinum is denser than white gold, which is among the qualities that people look for when they are looking for an engagement ring. This means that platinum will last longer compared to white gold. Platinum brings out a sense of security because its qualities don’t diminish over time, like gold or white gold jewelry pieces. 


Platinum and gold stand out as the best metals for designing jewelry because they are not strong and precious. However, platinum takes the crown when it comes to durability. That is why many couples prefer it for their engagement rings. Compared to white gold, which shows marks when scratched, platinum does not. Polishing platinum will make it more attractive. This means that platinum does not succumb to scratches or damage like white gold. This makes platinum much more expensive than white metals. 


As you have read, platinum is the most preferred metal for designing platinum engagement rings. It is a pure metal that doesn’t require other metals to improve its quantities and appearance. Platinum is also denser than white gold, making it more durable than other metals used to make jewelry. However, with all these qualities, its price tag is high. Given its durability and sense of security, platinum’s cost is probably worth it.