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Is Automobile Car Starter and Auto Tinting For You? A Preview

Is Automobile Car Starter and Auto Tinting For You? A Preview

One of the most common purchases that are likely to be made in the automotive aftermarket industry this winter, will be remote starters. Remote starters have turned into a popular car accessory every year, with most of the sales occurring between October and February. Sales peak during the holidays with an increasing number of people purchasing them for loved ones at Christmas time.

Remote Car Starter Provide Utility

Remote Automobile Car Starter allows the owner to start the engine on their car with a wireless remote or key fob. There are some handy advantages to this, such as warming up your car on a cold morning. Unlocking the doors on your automobile, As well as automatically starting your car in extremely cold weather, to prevent the gas and oil from freezing. Not to mention, cooling your car to a comfortable temperature on a hot day. Just switch on the heater or air conditioning before exiting your car. Start the car with the remote; and get into an already warm or cold vehicle.

One can program a Remote Automobile Car Starter to let your car run for a pre-set period of time. In the range of 10-60 minutes. It can also be programmed to unlock the doors on your car, roll down the windows, turn the defroster on. Also, open the sunroof, open the trunk, sound the horn, and a host of other features.

Car Remote Starter Variants

There are two variants of remote starters – one-way and two-way units. The basic difference between the two is – one-way gives the user no feedback while two-way gives the user feedback. One-way units will let the user unlock the doors (if so equipped), start the car, and perform other additional functions. In order that the user knows if the car unlocked or started. They should be able to see the car as the button is being pushed. To help ascertain that what they attempted to do was successful.

Is Auto Tinting Practical?

When you’re driving on a highway, you would often see cars that have window tints. Auto tint shades are not only installed to block the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Usually, Auto Tint Shades are installed to use less energy and allow your vehicle to remain cool. There are also people who go for auto tinting Brampton on their cars for health reasons. Certain individuals who drive have extremely sensitive eyes. So, tinting their cars is a means to block too much light from entering their eyes. On the flip side, there are car drivers who go for tinting their cars to ensure that the interior of their vehicles can last longer. When exposed to sunlight, interior colours, can easily fade and it weakens the material faster than regular shade.

Here are a few options that you may want to check out when getting your car tinted:

50 % Auto Tint Shade. This specific tint is found to be very light and as the percentage indicates. It lets 51% percent of the visible light pass through the windows. Nine percent of visible light is reflected, and ninety-nine percent of UV rays are blocked.

20 Percent Auto Tint Shade. As the percentage indicates, this is categorized under medium tint. It transmits 24 percent of visible light and can block ninety-nine percent of UV rays. 54 is the figure for solar energy rejected. As well as 11 is for solar energy reflected.

5 Percent Auto Tint Shade. Obviously, this is the lowest percentage and qualifies as a dark tint. It is often known as the limo tint. It transmits 5 percent of visible light and reflects 7 percent. The percentage for blocked ultraviolet rays stands at 99 percent not to mention 11 percent reflected on solar energy.


By spending anything between $150 to $300 or more, you can have a remote start. Along with your alarm or keyless entry, it is worth the extra money. Whereas, when getting Auto tinting Brampton in your car, it would depend on your personal preference and state laws.