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Insurance with a tracker: what are the advantages?

Do you want to answer your questions about insurance with a tracker? So you are in the right place. In today’s article, I will explain everything you need to know to avoid problems.

According to an article by the news website UOL, car theft grew 15% in the first half of 2021 compared to the previous year. This annual growth is not unheard of, unfortunately. But how can vehicle owners protect themselves? One of the ways is through insurance with a tracker.

In this article, we will explain how it works and the advantages of this type of protection. We will also talk about the difference between the car tracker and other security devices. Follow the next topics!

What is a vehicle tracker?

Vehicle tracking works through a system implanted in the vehicle, which makes it possible to locate it in real-time by the company’s central responsibility for the tracker.  

Still without insurance for your car?

 There are two ways to perform vehicle tracking. One of them is to use the GPS tracker, the most common of the models. This system uses a network made up of 24 satellites that identify the vehicle’s global positioning and sends the exact location information collected to the central.

 The other vehicle tracking technology used is the one that works by means of radiofrequency. In this model, the device installed in the car is capable of capturing the signals emitted by radio waves. These signals, in turn, are formed by several receiving antennas that are within a certain area. 

A third option is the hybrid car tracker that encompasses both GPS and radiofrequency systems. Many decide to install this type of device just in case. In places where the GPS signal is weak, the device uses radiofrequency – and vice versa. That way, the vehicle is not left unattended.

With the advancement of technology, the vehicle tracker has gained more features, for example, real-time traffic monitoring and telemetry. Through this last resort, the owner is notified by the system of the need for or approaching preventive maintenance.

Difference from other devices

In addition to the tracker, there are other devices that can be installed in the car to increase security, very close to the tracker. So that there is no confusion about what each device has as a function, we will indicate what are the characteristics of the blockers and also the locators.

 We start by talking about blockers. Among the three pieces of equipment, this is considered the simplest, as its only function is to lock the vehicle and prevent it from moving further. When the driver is the victim of robbery or theft, he activates the central, which, through radio frequencies, issues a command for the car to be blocked. 

Among the advantages of this type of device, we can mention:

  • Security during a robbery – the owner gives the keys to the criminals, certain that they will be surprised when the vehicle is locked;
  • More peace of mind when parking – when the car is parked on the street, in case it is stolen, the owner is calm because criminals will not go very far;
  • No change in originality – the installation of the device does not change the characteristics or the price of the car insurance. 

The locator is a more advanced device compared to blockers, but still inferior to vehicle tracking. In addition to also having the function of locking the vehicle, it is able to identify its location, but not so precisely.

 It uses radio frequencies, which leaves its range limited to metropolitan regions and certain cities that are within coverage areas. We can highlight some benefits of the locator, such as:

  • Easy installation;
  • The cost is usually affordable;
  • Insertion of other functionalities. For example, the delimitation of a safe urban area to drive. When the vehicle leaves this perimeter (perhaps while being driven by the owner’s son), the system issues an alert notification to the owner. 

That is, of all the devices available, the one that adds more functions is more accurate and sophisticated, which is what carries out vehicle tracking. It is able to show the location more accurately, in addition to storing information about the entire route taken by the car.   

Importance of auto insurance

In Brazilian traffic, there are risks that go beyond robbery and theft. Cases of being run over, collisions, and vehicle breakage, for example, happen every day, especially at peak times during the week. 

These events can happen to anyone at an unexpected time. When the owner has auto insurance, he is protected and gets the following coverage:

  • Third-party damage – coverage for damage caused to another driver in an accident;
  • Natural damage – flooding, falling trees, hail, etc.;
  • 24-hour assistance – tow truck to tow the car;
  • Total or partial loss – compensation for damage caused to the vehicle. In the case of a total loss, the owner is compensated with the value of the car according to the official table of the Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas ( FIPE ).

Therefore, it is essential to take out auto insurance to have protection that covers as many accidents as possible.

Benefits of insurance with tracker

To generate the greatest possible protection for the car, the ideal is to hire insurance with a tracker. But what are the benefits of this? Next, we list the main ones.

security using vehicle tracking in your car has numerous benefits. The most important of these concerns security. In the case of a kidnapping, for example, it is possible to find the location of the car precisely in real-time after the central is notified.

In this way, the information can be transmitted to the authorities responsible for the search and their work is facilitated. In addition, it is possible that robberies and theft are hindered and even avoided.

  1. Insurance savings

One of the advantages of installing the tracker in the vehicle is the fact that insurance companies offer a discount on insurance for cars that already have the accessory.

The chances of recovering a car that has been stolen are much higher when you rely on the help of the tracker to show your location. This information is transmitted directly to the local authorities so they can work to recover the car that was stolen.

Therefore, the best choice is to combine the accessory and the protection service, taking out insurance with a tracker.

  1. Does not undergo profile analysis

When hiring conventional insurance, it is necessary to undergo a profile analysis, which takes into account the age of the driver, time of license, and place where the person resides, among other data. The objective is to assess whether the client has a risk profile. The result of this analysis will determine the final price of the insurance.

When contracting insurance with a tracker, the questionnaire for data collection is not carried out, as the service itself already has a single price if contracted directly with the insurance company. Therefore, analysis is not necessary. This can be very advantageous for drivers whose profile indicates high accident rates, a common situation for people aged between 18 and 24, for example.

  1. Online tracking

Many factors help in recovering a stolen vehicle, and location information are among the most important. With assistance being provided at the exact moment when there was a robbery or theft, authorities are more likely to be successful in finding and recovering the car.

Companies hired for vehicle monitoring offer 24-hour support. Thus, the insured can easily locate his car through apps at any time of the day.

  1. Recovery in case of theft or theft

With the tracker installed, the chances of vehicle recovery after a theft or theft accident are greater. When the device is installed, the switch has real-time access to information regarding the location, as mentioned above.

Thus, if the car is stolen or stolen, it is possible not only to identify where the car is but also to stop it if the blocking service is also part of what was contracted.

  1. Advantageous for companies

For those who own a company with a fleet of cars, vehicle tracking is extremely advantageous. In addition to being useful in the cases mentioned above, it allows control over each car used by the company. 

In this way, it is possible to verify if the vehicle has been used improperly, for example, if it is not within the programmed route for carrying out the work. This is possible because the information obtained by the device includes average travel speed, the route used, and the period in which the car was stopped, among other useful data. 

There is no money in the world that can pay for the feeling of tranquility in knowing that our possessions are safe. Therefore, the best thing to do is to hire insurance with a tracker. In this way, the owner combines security with economy and the result of this combination is excellent value for money.

What did you think of our article? Do you understand how Geico insurance with a tracker works? If you still have questions, just leave a comment!

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