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Important Considerations for Choosing an Area Rug

Important Considerations for Choosing an Area Rug

The way you maintain your home always influences your mind and mood, plus it also marks an impression on your guests about the perceptions and preferences you have. So, instead of wasting your money on poor quality and old styles, it is wiser to go with the latest top-quality option. If you are struggling to find a rug for your home, we will assist you in choosing the best one. There must be many important questions in your mind about the size, color, material, and patterns while choosing the perfect area rugs for your home. Don’t worry! We will guide you properly about everything. 

The suitable size 

Picking up the perfect size carpet depends on your room’s size and the furniture placed there. The style or size of the carpet could vary from room to room. For example, You can place a carpet under your dining table in the dining room that must be 2-3′ larger than your dining table. Standard dining room carpet sizes are 5×8′, 8×10′, and 9×12′. Standard sizes for living room carpets are 8×10′, 9×12′, and ten × 14′. For the bedroom, you can look for 8×10′ or 9×10′. The critical thing to consider while placing carpet in the living room or bedroom is that your rug should not be too minor than it would be hidden under your furniture. The carpet placed in corridors is 2 – 3 feet in width and 6-14 feet in length. Make sure that it will not cover the whole surface, but at least 4 inches of the surface must be seen from all sides.

A perfect color

When purchasing a rug, selecting the colors may be the most challenging part. Observe the color of the furniture or the color theme of that room to choose a suitable color carpet or rug. If space has a light color theme, then it would be perfect to go with vibrant colors. But if you prefer the soft color rug, look for the light and dark color comparison. Light color furniture will sometimes go with pastel rugs, but dark color furniture can never compliment dark rugs. Choosing light rugs if you have dark furniture would be appropriate, so the overall look would not irritate your eyes. Remember to keep balance by adding light and dark colors to the room. Never choose white themes as they would get dirty very soon, and later you will regret it. One of the best tips for selecting the color of the rug is looking into the color wheel. The best colors complementing each other are placed contrary to the color wheel, so you can quickly get the idea of how they will look together. 

The Best Material

Different materials are used to equip rugs according to where they are placed and how they are used. Viscous rugs are usually used in bedrooms as they are beautiful in texture and a bit expensive too. Wool rugs are the most commonly used and can be placed in the living room, bedroom, and dining room. Cotton rugs are appropriate for the most used places in the home, like the living room, kitchens, or corridors. They are inexpensive and can be cleaned easily. Jute rugs are used for an outdoor place or casual spaces like the living room. Nylon rugs are the best to choose from as they have longevity, good quality. They are water and stain-resistant, plus you can easily clean this material. Polyester is the preferable material. You can clean a rug very easily and quickly. It is affordable and durable to place it in areas like the living room and corridors. 

A Suitable Pattern 

After selecting a size, color, and material, the next step focuses on which pattern to select. Here are a few patterns you can look for while choosing your perfect rug. Oriental Rugs are traditionally hand-woven and durable too. These include a border and pattern of flowers or animal features, geometric shapes, and tribal symbols. You can place these in drawing rooms or big halls. Striped Rugs are horizontal or vertical strips of the same or different colors. It can be placed in corridors or living rooms. If the space is narrow, you can place a horizontal striped rug to look wide. Vintage rugs are designed with Persian and Oriental patterns. They are antique and primarily available in pastel shades. These rugs would add great charm and elegance to the place where they are kept. Trellis rugs have arches and domes like lines and patterns filled with two to three colors. The color theme might be bright, but the pattern is bold to place in larger areas. Abstract rugs have the essence of abstract art in them. There are no definite shapes of patterns. The colors used might be light or bold. You have to choose the colors according to the area. 

The Perfect Shape

Choose your rug shape wisely. You can go for round, square, or rectangular shaped rugs depending upon the area you want to place them in. The measurements of each should be according to the requirement and space available. Round Rugs are best kept near coffee tables or sofas, while Square Rugs are perfectly placed under the dining table. Rectangular Rugs are best in the living room, hallways, or bedrooms.

Do Not Buy Too Small Or Too Big

The size of a rug should be chosen according to your requirement and the space available for placing them in. If you have a small area, do not buy large rugs as they will give an empty look to your space. At the same time, if you have a large area, then do not buy small rugs as it will create an unbalanced look and feel to your space. A proper rug size will enhance and compliment your space.

Get The Right Texture 

You should also consider what type of material is best suited for your room decor. Different types of fibers and textures are available in the market like wool, cotton, silk, etc. Cotton is good for bedrooms and bathrooms as they can absorb moisture, whereas rugs made of silk are the best fit for living rooms to give a shiny look. 

Wrapping Up

Consider one with an all-natural or synthetic fiber pile if you’re looking for a rug that will stand the test of time. As far as style goes, it’s important to think about how much traffic your rug will receive and what type of flooring you have to make sure anything from dirt particles so water won’t be damaging over time. In addition, if pets are running around or small children playing on the floor most days of the week, it might be best not to use a wool rug because they can shed fibers that may irritate allergies. We hope these considerations help when deciding on an area rug! Also, to buy a beautiful rug for your home. Go to the amazing collection of RugKnots. We hope we will never disappoint you in your rugs hunt. 

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